This '90s Bath Bomb Collection Has All Your Favorite Throwbacks

Drawing the perfect bath is an art. You need the perfect temperature of water and amount of bubbles, but there's one thing that makes everything better — nostalgia. As PopSugar found, Loquita Bath And Body created a '90s bath bomb collection that features all your favorite throwbacks. From beloved items to cult classic shows and movies, this line has everything a '90s-lover needs. I'm not saying that it will take you back in time, but it will bring a smile to your face as you soak.

It's official: there's now a bath bomb for every occasion. Recently there's been innovative bath bomb designs and even some that change water into jelly, but this latest one will make your collection complete. Loquita Bath And Body's collection includes bath bombs shaped like a '90s cells phone and CD, the Magic School Bus, and even the Fight Club logo. Some are even based off of favorite '90s character, like their Casper bath bombs and Spinelli and TJ hats from the show Recess.

Whether you were born early or late in the decade, there's something for you to enjoy. Although the collection can out on Aug. 11, some of the items are already sold out. Don't worry, my fellow '90s-children, there is a restock coming on Aug. 25.

It can't possibly get any better, right? Wrong! On top of the bath bombs, the brand also created a No Scrubs Shower Fluff (!!!) and shower scrub based off The Simpsons. They also have a body scrub that literally smells like Teen Spirit. It doesn't get more more authentic than that.

While some brand like to amp up the price for nostalgia, Loquita Bath And Body isn't making you pay extra. All of their items are between $4 to $9 on their website. That's so cheap that you'll think we're still in the '90s. It's no surprise that these iconic items sold out so fast.

There are a lot of bath bombs out there, but none that embrace the '90s so well. From iconic characters to bands that you'll never forget, this brand knows their eras. Fingers crossed that this means early '00s items are coming soon as well.