This Adorable Flamingo Lip Balm Will Have You Saying 'Bye Felicia' To Dry Winter Lips

Now that summer is around the corner, it's time to pull out the patio chairs and get the colorful floaties out of storage — and the "Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm" could be your perfect poolside companion. The Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm was a collaboration between Sephora and Taste Beauty, and the idea was to create a kind of balm that would be just as much fun to put on as it was effective. Think of it this way: Now you can give your makeup bag the same treatment as your backyard, decorating it with all kinds of quirky and cute pool floaties.

"Alex Fogelson, Taste Beauty's managing partner, told Women's Wear Daily that Sephora approached the company to 'collaborate in a really fun, pop-culture-inspired fun and young item.' And that's exactly what they did!" Popsugar reported. The idea was to target millennials and Generation Z kids in a way that would grab their attention in the makeup aisles, and this was the brilliant outcome.

They idea behind the name was that the beauty lover would say "bye Felicia" to dry winter lips with this summertime-inspired salve. The lip balm costs 10 dollars (so a little more than your usual drugstore chap stick,) but the novelty of it might be worth the price. In the compact, it's a shimmery hot pink color and goes on strawberry flavored, so it'll give you major throwback vibes to the glosses you liked as a kid.

It also comes with a small, reusable beach bag when you buy it, so there's that additional perk with the purchase, too. You can easily store the balm in it (and make sure the cute flamingo doesn't get knocked around in your makeup bag or purse,) or use it to store your keys and phone while you're out on the sand.

Felicia the Flamingo Lip Balm, $10, Sephora

In the end, if you like adding quirky, pop-culture inspired products to your makeup collection, then you'll love this balm. At the very least, it'll make you smile every time you put it on.

Images: Sephora (1)