You Can Buy A Giant Box Of ALL-PINK Sour Patch Kids Now

Courtesy of IT'SUGAR

Hello everyone, some exciting personal news that I suppose may be of note to you as well: IT’SUGAR has just launched an all-pink Sour Patch Kids box, straight out of your Instagram Story's dizziest millennial pink daydreams. Not only that, but this thing weights a whopping 1.5 pounds. For context, that is roughly the size of a very, very small chihuahua, except this box is probably slightly easier to sneak into your purse at the movie theater.

The all-pink box is an IT'SUGAR exclusive, retailing in stores and online for $14.99 a pop. The flavor of the all-pink box, described as ~super rare~, is strawberry, so you can use it to nurse the last of those summer vibes you're still feeling before pumpkin spice fully takes over. IT'SUGAR has over 100 retail locations nationwide, so odds are there's at least one near you (I personally live within three blocks of one, so let me say in the most polite way possible: SUCK IT) — you can check the store locator on the company's website, here. And barring that, IT'SUGAR is also selling these giant boxes online, so you can get one delivered straight to your door. Dreams on delicious dreams, y'all.

If you're a true Sour Patch stan, you know that this is far from the first foray into bonkers Sour Patch products that IT'SUGAR has made. In fact, the company also sells the World's Largest Box Of Sour Patch Kids, which clocks in at 1.9 pounds (in other words, a slightly larger, but still very small chihuahua), and includes all of the traditional flavors. Yes, it is extremely extra, but I think we can all agree that candy is almost always a "go big or go home" situation.

This, of course, isn't the first time that a candy has capitalized on our love of all things pink by making an all-pink form; every year, Starbursts makes waves by bringing back its limited edition All-Pink Starbursts packs. This year the excitement reached a millennial pink fever pitch when Starbursts also launched a Pink Starbursts merchandise line, complete with cozy sweaters, a t-shirt, tote bags, and more, many of them emblazoned with the phrase we should all consider tattooing to some part of our bodies as an act of self-love: "I Am A Pink Starburst."

Luckily, if you missed the big push for pink Starbursts in the spring, IT'SUGAR has you covered in that arena, too — the site is still selling them. Fittingly, they are also strawberry, and come in a very large box. This is pink candy's world, y'all, and we are all just living in it.

Now that I've properly armed you with all the knowledge you need to turn your intestines permanently pink, go forth and live your beautiful pastel Instagram daydreams, everyone. Just make sure you properly document your pink journey, both for the #content and for the memories — the All-Pink Sour Patch Kids Box from IT'SUGAR is only around for a limited time!