This 'Office' Pilot Easter Egg Changes EVERYTHING About Dwight & Angela's Relationship


Over nine seasons of The Office, many romantic relationships were born at Dunder-Mifflin, and just as many ended there. Only a few beloved couples withstood the test of time — and selling paper for a living — one of them being Angela Martin and Dwight Schrute. Although they had their ups and downs and dated other people (Angela got engaged to Andy and married the Senator), fans always knew that Angela and Dwight were destined to be together — now even more so thanks to an Office pilot easter egg about Dwight and Angela's relationship that you never noticed.

On the surface, their once secret romance isn’t fully apparent until around the middle of Season 2, with multiple episodes hinting at their forbidden love. Fans are committed to different theories about exactly when it becomes obvious that the coworkers have feelings for each other. Some theories stretch farther than others.

There is a theory that the romance is hinted at in “Hot Girl” (Season 1, Episode 6) after Dwight attempts to pursue Katy, the attractive purse saleswoman who visits the office. “The camera pans to Angela and I thought that it looked like she felt bad for him, and maybe comforted him afterwards,” Redditor kiwiana1 wrote.

Some are sure there’s no way the Dwight-Angela romance could’ve begun before Season 2, particularly because in the first season, Dwight shows interest in Kelly Kapoor. In “Diversity Day,” (Season 1, Episode 2) he states that his romantic preference is for Indian women, and, as Reddit user mb242630 pointed out, during The Dundies, after discovering the offensive writing in the women’s restroom, Dwight asks Kelly to reveal the culprit “in exchange for going easier on her.”

It’s also possible that Angela could no longer resist Dwight after seeing him show off his dojo skills against Michael in “The Fight” (Season 2, Episode 6). He also receives a pseudo-promotion to be the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager in that episode, “and we all know how that revs Angela’s engine,” Redditor sometwine theorized.

There is another theory that Angela and Dwight’s sex life is hinted at in “Performance Review” (Season 2, Episode 8) while Dwight bounces on his fitness orb proclaiming all of its health benefits, including “more enjoyable sex.” Jim then replies to Dwight by saying, “You’re not having sex,” and Dwight gives the camera a sneaky smirk. In that same episode, Angela states, “Office romances are nobody's business except for the people involved,” which seems pretty defensive on her part.

Another Redditor suggested that their love is revealed in Season 2, Episode 21 titled “Conflict Resolution” when Michael Scott announces that an abundance of complaints were filed against Dwight, but were redacted six months prior. The camera then pans to Angela who looks concerned — could she have filed and then redacted the complaints against Dwight after sparks ignited between them?

But Bustle has found a new theory, however, that could invalidate all the others. This one is rooted in the show’s very first episode, and it indicates Dwight’s love for Angela unlike any other subtle reference could. Throughout the series, Angela mentions that her favorite song is the holiday classic, “Little Drummer Boy,” which brings the couple together in “A Benihana Christmas” (Season 3, Episodes 10 and 11) where Dwight affectionately and passionately holds the microphone for Angela as she sings it during karaoke at the office Christmas party.

You probably didn’t notice this when watching the first episode, but the first ever time that audiences are introduced to Dwight, he is singing “Little Drummer Boy." The lack of decor points to the fact that it isn’t the holiday season...

What does this mean? Perhaps he's he’s celebrating a night well-spent with Angela by humming her favorite tune. In any case, it could very well mean that he and Angela were lovers all along — and truly the show's OTP.