This Backyard Ice Rink You Can Assemble In 60 Minutes Is Winter Goals

by Isami McCowan

Depending on where you spent the holidays, you may or may not have experienced a white Christmas. If you're like me and didn't see much snow during the festivities, don't give up hope on getting your share of winter cheer just yet. Company EZ Ice has arguably thought up the best invention yet: a backyard ice rink that you can assemble in merely 60 minutes — with no tools required.

Those of us who can barely make it through the instructions for an IKEA table might think this is too good to be true, but EZ Ice has a comprehensive set-up video to show that it is, in fact, possible.

The best thing about EZ Ice is that the rink can be built on pretty much any surface. According to the company's site, this includes lawns, parking lots, basketball and tennis courts, patios, driveways, and even big fields. This means no matter what kind of backyard you have at home, there's a super high chance that it's compatible with an EZ Ice rink.

Installation seems easier than ever — you won't have to head to your local hardware store for anything. "No hammers, drills, saws, screws, nails, stakes, or complicated measuring. Everything just clips together," EZ Ice explains on their website. All this done in an hour? It's honestly the stuff of dreams for the I-hate-building-but-love-new-stuff people among us.

It's easy to assemble, easy to store during the warmer months, and guaranteed to be a hit with whatever pals are lucky enough to be invited over to take a spin (or a fall).

If it's always been your dream to be able to go ice skating right in your backyard (without the danger of skidding on a very breakable-looking frozen lake), an EZ Ice rink might make the rest of winter the highlight of your 2019 so far. The rink comes in six sizes, ranging from 15 x 30 feet to 60 x 100 feet, and the smallest size goes for $1,900. If you're thinking you need to go bigger or smaller, not to worry--EZ Ice also creates rinks in custom sizes.

EZ Ice inventor Dylan Gastel points out something pretty incredible about the easily-installed ice skating rink: "Before EZ ICE, there was no simple solution for the hundreds of thousands of families across North America who constructed backyard ice skating rinks each winter." (Anyone familiar with the childhood winters filled with makeshift sleds and attempting to skate over puddles or icy ground knows this very-serious struggle.) "All old-fashioned rinks required stakes to be pounded into the ground and could not be assembled once the ground freezes solid," he continues. It's safe to say EZ Ice has created something pretty special.

Winter's not over yet, so before you start packing away your parkas and long underwear, take a second to daydream about how glorious it would be to ice skate around in your own backyard. Even if for most of us ice skating entails clinging to the rails and shuffling around, nothing can take the fun out of the quintessential winter experience.