This Woman Created A Tumblr In Honor Of THAT Zara Dress & It's Internet Gold

by Kali Borovic

All good trends come, get over-worn, and then die — except apparently this one. As Refinery29 found, Lulu Krause created a Tumblr account for a popular Zara dress that she saw all over the streets of New York. The website is called "The Blue Off-The-Shoulder Dress From Zara," and it's just too good not to see. Think of it as a real life scavenger hunt for people all wearing the same outfit.

Out of all the kooky items that have gotten their time in the spotlight — I'm looking at you "The Dress" — this could be the best one yet. According to her Refinery29 interview, Krause noticed that a bunch of women were wearing the same blue dress from Zara in summer 2016. She decided to take photos every time she saw it, which eventually led to its own Tumblr page that is internet gold.

"At the beginning of last summer (2016), I started noticing the trend all over New York," Krause says. "I wasn't actively searching for a project like this — the dress was popping up so frequently that it's almost chose me."

"When it got colder out, the dress went away, and I thought that I wouldn't see it again," Krause adds. "But this June, on a stroll through my neighborhood (Carroll Gardens), I saw the dress! It had been resurrected. At that point, I decided to share all of the photos I'd taken the previous summer."

Off The Shoulder Chambray Dress, $15,

The website has over 40 photos of different women wearing the dresses around, but Krause tells the publication that she has about 80 more saved for the website. After she spread the word about the dress, people from all over the world started sending her photos of people wearing the exact same style.

The website has witty captions underneath the photos, but it's all for fun. There's no shaming or rude comments. Just one big community of women with the same fashion sense.

Heck, Krause even took the dress for a spin herself.

"I had never planned on sharing my snaps from last summer (it was just an inside joke with myself), so those were all taken by me," Krause says. "When I shared the photos on Facebook this June, my friends started sending their own sightings my way. Since then, I've heard from people I haven't spoken to in years, which has been a true delight.

"It's become a bizarre real-life 'Where's Waldo' game."

Women's Off The Shoulder Dress, $30,

I will warn you, this website is mesmerizing. If you're looking for an hour or two to kill, this Tumblr page is the place for you.

Here's to hoping that this trend never dies.