This Body-Sized Loofah Is Going Viral & It's Only Mildly Terrifying


Ahh, California. A place where the sun always shines, the beach calls your name, and luxury spas offer some of the strangest services. There are blood facials, vaginal steams, and everything in between. But there's nothing quite like the rub-down with a body-sized loofah that's going viral now.

The internet can be such a scary place, and thanks to a video showcasing what goes on behind closed doors at the Burke Williams Spa in Santa Monica, CA, things just got a whole lot freakier. Featuring a treatment that involves the biggest loofah you've ever seen, an Insider video has the relaxation destination trending on the web. If you thought you've seen it all, the monstrosity of a loofah the spa is using for wetroom treatments will knock your socks off. All in the name of giving one's body a smooth, healthy glow, the Hunter's Retreat treatment is the jaw-dropper that has the internet questioning everything they think they know about spas.

It doesn't matter if you're a fan of the body exfoliators or not. Once you see the mega loofah in action, it'll likely have you just as intrigued as you are terrified.

Now let's just ease into things, because the first glimpse of the giant loofah will honestly freak you out. According to the video, Before the Hunter's Retreat begins, the spa-goer's body is first prepped by rinsing the skin with water.

A body scrub follows, removing dirt, dead skin cells, and other impurities.

The main attraction of the treatment is the loofah-esque body scrubber, which is made from wheat stalks. Prior to making contact with the spa-goers skin, the stalks are soaked in essential oils. If you stop things here, it all actually sounds quite soothing.

But then the video takes a turn for the worst when the spa employee reveals the soapy, essential oil-soaked heap that looks like something straight out of a horror film.

Once the stringy mass comes out to play, it consumes the client's body, seeming to eat her alive. Although her joyous expressions would indicate otherwise, the process looks extremely scary. She even exclaims, "This kind of feels like when seaweed attacks you in the ocean", terrifying imagery to pair with a treatment meant to be enjoyable.

But she seems to have a good time, even caressing the wheat loofah and puling it closer towards her chin at times throughout the video. Even though it does look strange, and the thought of scratchy wheat rubbing against the body sounds painful, the treatment is said to feel pleasant as it smooths and polishes the skin.

"It feels good and it's mildly exfoliating," said the spa's Massage Manager Preston Ranyard during the video. "But mainly it's to feel good and kind of excite the nervous system."

After a final rinse off, the Hunter's Retreat is complete and it's safe for the scary loofah to go back into hiding. "I feel so relaxed. My body does not want to move right now," said the spa-goer, further reinforcing the treatments benefits.

But no matter how much she seemed to enjoy the process, the Twitterverse was simply not having it with the giant loofah.

Some scoffed at the price of such a weird treatment that didn't even require clothes to be removed.

Other Twitter users found the humor in it all, likening the giant loofah to a similar-looking breakfast cereal.

Many were just spooked by the whole thing.

Getting down to the nitty gritty, many questioned the sanitation of the process.

Still, there were those that spoke in favor of the giant loofah bath.

But the overwhelming majority of Twitter users weren't here for the treatment.

Even if the experimenter did feel relaxed during the treatment, and even more calmed once it was all said and done, this slightly disturbing video may not have the masses lining up to try it out for themselves. It was Just. That. Freaky.