5 Ways You Can Celebrate Book-Lovers Day Right Now

Ashley Batz/Bustle
By Kerri Jarema

Attention all book lovers: today is definitely our day. Because it's National Book Lovers Day, 24-hours where all things literary are celebrated on the internet and beyond. Of course, true bibliophiles celebrate their love of books every single day, whether they're posting on bookstagram or discussing their favorites on Goodreads. But there's something about knowing that every other bookish person is out there either enjoying tons of bookish activities or just sharing their favorite reads with someone else that makes today extra special. So, what can you do to mark the occasion?

Whether you've got the entire day free or just a couple of extra hours to spare, there is a way that you can mark the day that will make you look forward to August 9 every year. From volunteering at many myriad bookish organizations, watching a few bookish films, or simply just taking some extra joy and comfort in your reading today, make sure that you take full advantage of a day in which you're the star, book lover. Below are nine different activities you can take part in today (and, really, any day) to bring your book obsession to the masses, make a difference and have some literary fun while you're at it.

Volunteer At A Literary Organization

There are tons of great literary organizations to volunteer at, from VIDA Women in Literary Arts to Reading Partners. Plus, you can look into local volunteer opportunities from non-profit book shops to English tutoring, or just doing storytime at a library. Because nothing celebrates a love of books more than sharing that love with someone else.

Visit Your Local Indie Bookstore

Indie bookstores are crucial, to only to the industry at large, but to readers, too. These specialized stores usually have dedicated employees that truly care about books and readers, and make it their mission to connect people with the reads that will change their lives. Most towns don't have big box stores like Barnes & Noble, and depend on their local bookstores to get a hold of books IRL. Go out and support yours today.

Plan A Bookish Trip

This one is a little more ambitious, but if you've been meaning to book that last minute summer excursion, use today as an excuse to go for it. And why not make it a bookish vacation while you're at it? There are tons of literary locations all around the world, from New York to Paris. However far you can, wherever you are, there's a literary trip in your future.

Re-Read Your Favorite Childhood Classic

What could be a better way to celebrate books than by rereading the childhood classics that make you a bibliophile in the first place? Not only will they be a quick and easy way to be in the bookish moment, diving into these reads will be heartwarming, hilarious, and above all, remind you why reading is your favorite thing in the world.

Do An Anonymous Book Drop

Take a page out of Emma Watson's book drop manual and do one of your own. Maybe you have some battered copies of favorites you've since repurchased, or reads you didn't love but know someone else will. Maybe you just want to take part in a secret act of kindness and can't imagine anything brightening up someone's day as much as stumbling upon a free book. Go forth and share the love.

Or Just Donate Your Books To A School, Library Or Other Institution That Really Needs Them

Even with all the hype about anonymous book drops it's important to remember that there are plenty of institutions, from non-profit bookshops like Housing Works in New York City to your local libraries, schools, and after-school programs that desperately need your book donations. Reach out to a few in your area, see if you have what they need, and then make arrangements to drop them off. There's no better way to share the reading love.

Have A Book To Movie Adaptation Marathon

Whether it's an all day affair rewatching the Harry Potter films or Lord of the Rings saga, or a quick viewing of You've Got Mail or Bridget Jones's Diary, take some time out to snuggle up and relive your favorite bookish films. You might not have a lot of extra time to get out and about or even to read more today, but you can certainly squeeze in a couple of hours for Joe F-O-X and Kathleen Kelly, right?

Support Your Local Library

So many people have great memories of using the library as kids, spending hours in the stacks and going home with a mountain of new books to read. But in our teen years and beyond, lots of us start to ignore the library in favor of building up our own home collections. But libraries are crucially important to our communities, and especially for those who can't afford to buy books. So go throw some support to your local library today. You might be surprised just how many books on your TBR are just sitting there, waiting for you to take them home.

Join A Book Club...Or Make One Of Your Own

Sure, we're more than halfway through the year, but it's never too late to join in on a bookish group. There are countless clubs out there to join, from online ones like Bustle's American Woman Book Club to the Pottermore Official Harry Potter Book Club to IRL clubs you can put together with your friends and family. There are so many reasons to start a book club and it may be the most rewarding bookish thing you do all year.