Bookshop's Response To Piers Morgan Is Pure Magic

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Everyone's least favorite celebrity has just learned a big lesson: never get on the wrong side of J.K. Rowling fans. A London bookstore is tweeting a Harry Potter book to Piers Morgan — like, the whole thing — after Morgan publicly declared that he'd never read it during a Twitter argument with our beloved J.K. Big mistake, Piers.

After J.K. Rowling took to her own Twitter account to celebrate Piers Morgan being told to "f*** off" on live TV, Morgan tried to flip the tables around by suggesting that the author's attitude is why he has never read a Harry Potter book. Of course, this did not go down well with Book Twitter, where J.K. Rowling is pretty much queen. Potter fans leapt to her defense — but the best rebuttal of all came from the Big Green Bookshop in London, who decided to tweet Piers Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Every. Last. Word.

The store owner, Simon Key, plans to send a total of 32,567 tweets to the big-mouthed celebrity. He told Sky News, "I'm doing it because Piers clearly spends all day on Twitter staring at his timeline. He clearly needs a bit of a break from all the abuse, so as he mentioned that he hasn't read any JK Rowling, rather then having to tear himself away from Twitter to read it, I'd tweet him."

Morgan is continuing to make disparaging remarks about Rowling's writing — but it only goes to prove he's reading along.

I can't wait to see what happens when Morgan meets his namesake, Piers Polkiss. He might find that the two have more than just their name in common...

On Tuesday morning, Rowling's fellow author Jojo Moyes chimed in with a sarcastic Valentine's-themed message for Piers, suggesting that someone should just give him a cuddle.

If anyone could stand to learn a few moral messages from Harry Potter, it's Piers Morgan — so I hope that some of Rowling's magnificent work manages to sink in. In the meantime, I'll be happily reading along.