This New App Will Help You Discover Diverse Books

by Kerri Jarema

If you are a part of the book community, you already know about the awesome work the team at We Need Diverse Books have been doing. The campaign, which launched in 2014, calls for books in kidlit (from middle grade to young adult) to celebrate characters (and authors) with diverse experiences, including but not limited to LGBTQIA, Native, people of color, gender diversity, people with disabilities, and ethnic, cultural, and religious minorities. It's undeniable that We Need Diverse Books has done a lot to shape the current call for diversity and Own Voices in both kidlit and even beyond, and now they are doing even more to insure that readers are finding themselves within the pages of the books on shelves.

The team at WNDB has just announced their OurStory app, a tool that will help readers, parents, educators and librarians discover books written by a diverse group of authors, with characters from diverse communities. According to the team, an interactive quiz on the app will help you find the perfect book, and membership levels include access to exclusive content from authors and illustrators and materials that educators and librarians can incorporate into their curriculum and programming. The app will also include three tiers: OurStory Kids for ages 12 and under; OurStory Teen for ages 13 and up; and OurStory Pro for educators and librarians, so everyone can truly find the books that work for them.

And the best part is? You don't have long to wait to get your hands on it. OurStory launches June 15 and will be available on your internet browser of choice; downloadable versions for iOs and Android are also forthcoming. So get ready to get diverse, book lovers.