A New Britney Spears Pop-Up Will Let You Star In Her Iconic Music Videos

Britney Spears/YouTube

How many times did you pretend you were Britney Spears and reenact the choreography from her iconic music videos when you were a kid (or a full-grown adult)? If the answer is along the lines of "many," then your big moment is about to arrive. A new Britney Spears pop-up fan experience — called "The Zone" — will give attendees the chance to pretend they're in the singer's most memorable videos. According to a press release, the "one-of-a-kind" exhibit, which opens in Los Angeles in January 2020, is designed to "immerse fans in the life and legacy of the star and redefine 'It’s Britney, B*tch!'"

The pop-up will consist of 10 different rooms, each based on one of Spears' music videos. Attendees will be able to pretend they went to "Britney High" from the "...Baby One More Time" video, pose in a custom-built airplane inspired by "Toxic," and take off to Mars like in the "Oops... I Did It Again" video. From the looks of the website, you'll even be able to pose with an astronaut — maybe it's the one who went down to the ocean to get that necklace for you after the old lady dropped it.

The exhibit will also feature memorabilia used in Spears' past videos and tours throughout the space, including a "Circus" room, which will display the actual jacket and bike from the tour, along with a 40-foot tightrope, a tarot card reader machine, and a ringmaster.

In the press release, Jeff Deslon, the lead producer for The Zone, explained that they created the experience as fans "as a thank you for the years of joy [Spears] has brought to all of our lives." Delson said, "Nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to The Zone. The scale of the venue, the breakthrough technologies, the fashion, the surprises, the special access we were given, and the sheer fun of it all will truly blow people away. As it should be for the Princess of Pop."

And because no good pop-up experience is complete without a gift shop, The Zone will also feature a retail storefront that will sell items from five exclusive merchandise collections — “Britney Army,” “Work Bitch,” “The Zone Collection,” “Britney B*tch,” and “Pride Collection” — as well as vintage merchandise from Spears' tours.

The 30,000-square-foot pop-up will be located in Downtown LA and open six days a week. Tickets for the immersive experience go on sale this Friday, Nov. 1.