This Buddy The Elf Candle Will Make Your Whole Room Smell Like Christmas

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When Elf originally hit cinemas in 2003, I don’t think anyone really anticipated it becoming a beloved holiday classic — but more than a decade and a half later, it’s proven to have a remarkable amount of staying power. As such, is it really that surprising that a Buddy The Elf candle can be yours now? No. No, it is not. Brought to us by Etsy seller I Heart Pop Candles, this long-burning soy candle smells exactly like Christmas cookies — and I’m sure I’m not the only one who is emphatically Here For It. Why stop at a Buddy The Elf holiday wreath? You’re going to need something to light your way from the front door to the Christmas tree, after all.

I Heart Pop Candles is a recent addition to Etsy’s massive array of sellers specializing in handcrafted items — the store went live just this year — but its proprietor is an Etsy veteran: Based out of Astoria, Oregon, the owner runs two other shops, the oldest of which dates back nearly a decade. DefineDesign11, which launched in 2011, offerings personalized wedding, engagement, anniversary, graduation, and new baby gifts, among many, many others; meanwhile, Define Design Etc., which arrived in 2015, out into hand-poured soy candles, mugs, pillow and pillowcase sets, and more — also all personalized. Like Define Design Etc., I Heart Pop Candles features hand-poured candles; what sets the latter apart from the former, however, is the theming: I Heart Pop Candles’ offerings are all pop culture-themed, with unique scents to match.

All of I Heart Pop Candles’… uh… candles (apologies for the redundancy) come in screw top jars with unique labels describing the scent you’ll experience when the candle is burned. As you might expect, the scent descriptions usually start with “Smells like” — but then they tend to go off in oddball directions which may or may not be grammatically correct, but which are fitting all the same. The Buddy The Elf candle, for example, “smells like swirly twirly gum drops, the world's best cup of coffee, Francisco, syrup, a whole roll of Toll House cookie dough and then to finish, we'll snuggle” — all scent notes which come directly from Elf’s most memorable quotes. What does that smell in practice? Well the candle’s product description further identifies it as a “Christmas Sugar Cookie Scented Candle,” so… that, probably.

(For what it’s worth, a lot of the I Heart Pop Candles scents seem to be the same scents used in Define Design Etc.’s candles — for example, the Chandler Bing candle is “Salt and Sea” scented, which is the third scent from the top in Define Design Etc.’s candle scent menu — but there’s something to be said for a well-paired character and scent combination, along with cute and creative labels.)

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The candle itself is nine ounces in size and burns for approximately 50 hours. It’s made of soy wax and essential oils with a cotton wick and poured into a frosted glass jar. It’ll set you back about $20 plus shipping; order turnaround times for I Heart Pop Candles can vary, as the shop’s shopping policy notes, but the item page for the Buddy The Elf candle specifically states that it ships within one business day. Hoorah!

Is Elf not your jam? Fear not! There are tons of other options at I Heart Pop Candles, ranging from other holiday-themed movies and properties (see also: The Leg Lamp candle, which draws its inspiration from A Christmas Story) to a wide variety of others (Luke’s Diner for Gilmore Girls fans; Eleventh Doctor for the Doctor Who crowd; heck, there’s even a Baby Shark candle). You can check out all of I Heart Candles’ offerings at their Etsy page.

Happy shopping!

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