You Can Buy A Blanket That Turns You Into A Human Burrito

Free By Love

There is nothing like a warm hug. There is nothing like a warm burrito. And yet, for some reason, up until now the two have never met. How could you be hugged while eating a burrito? Could you be a hugged by a burrito itself? OK, finally there is a solution to this searing dilemma — there's a burrito blanket that exists and now, for the first time, you can know how it feels to be some sofritas, snuggled right in there next to the rice, beans, and guacamole. You get to be the one thing that makes everyone happy.

How did the world find out about such a glorious, delicious opportunity? When Twitter user @katreenawhh tweeted about her blanket and how she became a little bundle of joy, the tweet went viral. People took to the streets (and by streets, I mean internet) and versions sold out on Amazon as people tried to figure out just where she found so much an amazing product. But then @katreenawhh tweeted again with a site that still has the blanket available so you can buy a burrito blanket for your very self. As she is the source of the original amazingness and Twitter post, I'll take her word for it on where to buy my burrito blanket. Free By Love is currently selling a small blanket burrito at $39.95, compared to the normal price of $60 — and larger sizes are available, if you really want to snuggle up. Personally, I like the idea of sewing a bunch together into a burrito tent and sleeping back situation, but to each their own.

There are seemingly endless uses for such a delicious blanket. Turn your girls night into a burrito night. Have a meta moment by eating a burrito while in your burrito blanket. Try to turn yourself into a Crunchwrap Supreme. Now all we need are little versions of these blankets for tiny burrito babies — and then the burrito family can be complete.

If a burrito blanket isn't really your style — that's OK. There are cozy blankets to suit every need. One of my favorites is a weighted blanket to help with anxiety and sleep or you can go with a cwtch-style cozy blanket — the Welsh take on hygge which is all about the warm feeling of a hug. As long as you find a blanket that makes you feel cozy, safe, and secure, then that's what's most important. If you can also feel like a delicious burrito on top of it, well that's icing on the cake — or, should I say, the cheese sprinkled atop the burrito.

If there's a product that is peak millennial, a burrito blanket that you can curl up with while watching Netflix and ordering delivery has to be pretty close. Whether you use it for the 'gram or you use it to stay warm, it's easy to see why the burrito blanket had such huge appeal. Just remember, not matter how delicious it looks, don't eat it (I've been burned before). Don't be like me — get a real burrito for the eating.