Carol May Have Just Started A War With The Whisperers On 'The Walking Dead'

Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier searches for the Whisperers on The Walking Dead.
Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Carol has suffered a great deal on The Walking Dead and in the Oct. 20 episode, the weight of her grief was on full display as she began having hallucinations about Henry and all of the other children she's lost along the way. However, the closing scene seemed to indicate that not everything she saw was in her head, which has prompted a Carol and Gamma Walking Dead theory to come out of the woodwork, and if it's true, another another all-out war may be on the horizon.

In "Ghosts," Carol says that she saw a group of Whisperers in the woods although no one believed her. Later, she came into contact with a Whisperer after falling into a booby trap at an abandoned school. Thankfully, she managed to set herself free before a group of walkers could descend upon her, firing off a few shots from her gun to fend the attack off. But since no one else saw the Whisperer in question, viewers may have been tempted to write the whole thing off as a figment of Carol's imagination. (She had taken quite a few caffeine pills at that point.)

That all changed, though, once that same Whisperer was shown in the very gymnasium Carol had been in, suffering from a severe gunshot wound. The character was still wearing their creepy zombie skin at the time, but some fans have begun theorizing that Carol may have shot Gamma — a person who is quickly making her way up in the ranks of Alpha's crew.

As it stands now, the Whisperer appears to still be alive, but in tough shape. But whether this individual manages to walk away in one piece or not, it would definitely get a rise out of Alpha. If you thought she was mad with the group for crossing over onto her side, just imagine how she'd react if she were to learn that they attacked one of her own, especially someone she's come to really like.

There are also some viewers who still think it could be Gamma under that mask, but think that she's already dead and turned into a walker. If she were to wander back to the other Whisperers while still wearing her zombie mask, she could do some serious damage and start turning the bulk of Alpha's hoard into actual walkers. That may sound good for Carol & company, but if Alpha were to survive, her wrath could be 10 times worse than ever before.

This revelation also makes you wonder how many more secret traps the Whisperers are plotting to set — because if they've done it once, they could very well do it again. "Watching that blood trail travel outside of the gym is the only clue that perhaps all of that was not in [Carol's] head," Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang told Entertainment Weekly while discussing Carol's recent Whisperer encounter. "What does that mean for our people, that the Whisperers are sort of hiding and laying traps for our people, and on our side of the border really?"

Hilltop, Oceanside, Alexandria, and the Kingdom have been on the brink of war with the Whisperers for quite some time now, and Carol's latest shot fired (literally) may be the final straw of what brings this bubbling altercation to a head at long last.