Someone Made A Cheeseburger Inside A Cage Of Fries & It's Too Beautiful For This World

Back when I ate meat, one of my favorite tricks for adding an extra layer of flavor to burgers was adding a few fries under the bun. There is something about taking the classic combination of meat and potatoes, adding a bun, and making it portable that is truly magical. Even Bobby Flay — who serves a potato chip-packed cheeseburger at his chain Bobby's Burger Palace — knows what I'm talking about. But let's say you want to make your meal even more extreme. YouTube duo HellthyJunkfood took on that challenge, creating a cheeseburger inside of french fries, and documenting the process.

In the video, food junkies JP Lambiase and Julia Goolia travel to the Comfort Café in Saratoga Springs, New York to create two monstrous potato-covered cheeseburgers. The construction process for the first begins with freshly made tater tots. The blitzed potatoes (for the tots) are then combined with a dry mixture (that acts as a binding agent). Burger patties are formed out of a chuck, brisket, short rib, and bacon, and cooked on a flat top grill. Lambianse and Goolia then fill half a canister with the potato mixture, making sure to evenly coat the sides; think of it as looking like a little birds' nest made of potato. Four burger patties are layered in the canister, alternating with slices of cheese, and topped with another layer of tater tot powder. The resulting lump (for lack of a better term) is then deep fried, of course.

The second creation involves covering four burger patties with alternating slices of cheese in an egg wash, coating it in flour, and covering it in diced crinkle-cut fries. The burger is wrapped in plastic wrap, then frozen to help it maintain its shape. After it's frozen solid, the fry-covered burger is, you guessed it, deep fried.

Defying the doubts expressed by the Comfort Café's head chef, both burgers emerged from their respective oil baths intact, and remarkably attractive. You can see the crinkle of each fry coating the fry-covered number, and the tot burger truly resembles a gargantuan tater tot.

If you're familiar with HellthyJunkFood, you know this is only one of the team's countless outrageous culinary endeavors documented on their channel. Since its inception in 2013, HellthyJunkFood has created such monstrosities as a giant pizza bagel and a giant skittle, each of which have racked up over one million views. Their most popular video to date depicts Lambiase and Goolia creating a giant Chicken McNugget; it has earned over eleven million views in around a year and a half.

To what can the team attribute its success? The duo is undoubtedly charming and the videos are well-made, but above all else people just LOVE wacky food. Alas, freaky food appears to be an ever-present cultural phenomena, with new trends arising every so often. Remember the rainbow bagels that broke the internet a just two years ago? The store behind the colorful carbohydrate had to shut down for a period of time after the video went viral as the humble shop couldn't handle the explosive popularity.

But bigger is better in many people's minds when it comes to outrageous eats. Just last month specialty food chain Wolferman's released a five pound cinnamon roll for purchase. So if you're looking for something to wash down that massive french fry-covered burger, you're welcome in advance.

In nine minutes and 24 seconds, everything you think you know about what makes a delicious burger is turned upside down thanks to the fine folks at HellthyJunkFood. If you wanna try making it yourself, the recipe is available on their website.