This Chrome Mirror Nail Polish From Ciate London Is Too Good To Miss

The future is bright when it comes to nail polish launches. Stop what you're doing, because this could just be the best beauty creation of the entire year. According to their Instagram post, Ciaté London created chrome nail polish. I'm talking mirror-like nails like you've never seen before. The exact details of the launch aren't here just yet, but the announcement video is enough to get you excited.

Ciaté London is no beginner in the nail polish world. They're constantly pushing the boundaries with their incredible colors, and this time is no different. The chrome nail polish looks like liquid metal in a bottle, and apparently it's been a long time coming. According to their Instagram post, the brand has been working on the chrome reflective nail polish for three years now, so you already know that it's going to be great.

Ready for the best part? You don't need any powder or tools to get the look. The mirror-like finish comes straight from a bottle. The chrome nail polish trend might not exactly be new, but this is the simplest way to nail the look yet. So whether you're an expert or a nail polish beginner, you can get in on the trend.

Tell me you've every seen a nail polish this incredible and you'd be lying. It literally looks like their are mirrors on the nails. The brand didn't give an exact release date yet. They did say that it would be coming out "very soon" in their Instagram caption though. That means you should probably start saving now.

The brand has plenty of other shimmery and shiny nail polish colors, but nothing like this. Their already released colors range in price from $11 to $17, but they haven't announced how much the new product will cost. Something tells me it will be more on the pricy side. After all, you can't get this color just anywhere.

Get those wallets ready, because this is one beauty launch that you won't want to miss. Fingers crossed that they release the details soon, because I'm dying to get my hands on this incredible little bottle!