This Color-Changing Hair Dye Is Mesmerizing, & It Could Be Yours Soon

These days, there are endless innovations in the hair color world — it seems like new techniques or effects pop up all the time for stylists and DIY-ers to play around with. The latest and greatest is pretty much the coolest development we've seen in a while, though. Hair color brand Pravana just teased color-changing hair dye, and it looks like it just might be the Next Big Thing in hair color.

The cool dye was put on display on the brand's Instagram page, and the three videos they posted demonstrate how the strands change hues when they're blasted with a hair dryer. The heat is what makes the magic happen, if the captions give us a clue — one reads "it's getting HOT in herre!" and the other says "The heat is ON" (along with some fitting emojis, of course).

The neatest part is that the color change happens right before your eyes. It's almost instant, and totally mesmerizing. (Your move, slow color-changing nail polish.)

No word on when we'll actually get access to this mystical hair dye, because the brand leaves it at "coming soon." My guess is that if they're putting it out there on the 'gram, though, it's got to be at least somewhat soon. Let's hope so, because this is one great party trick.

That purple to pink transition is pretty drastic.

And this multi-colored transformation? Mind. Blown.

Talk about a next-level braid game.

If there was one thing that could convince me to put some color in my locks, this is it. I mean, two-for-one, amiright?