This Company Uses Recycled Coffee In Their Sports Bras

If you're trying to live your life more eco-friendly and conscious of your carbon footprint, then there are plenty of companies out there that are making that lifestyle change very easy to adopt. One of such brands is RUMI X, which uses recycled coffee grounds in their sports bras. Originally founded in San Francisco by Melissa Chu, who was a former yoga instructor, Chu knew she wanted to create sportswear that was environmentally responsible. According to Chu, she wanted to ensure that her "products were environmentally impactful and contributing to the solution, not being part of the problem. RUMI X is about living a mindful lifestyle, taking care of yourself within, and being good to the world around you."

The brand's main objective is to cut down on waste, so they use recycled plastic bottles (using 16 bottles in each garment,) upcycled coffee grounds, and water-based ink dyes in their clothes to change waste into recycled goods that would have ended up in landfills.

But how exactly are these coffee grounds embedded into your sports bras? It sounds like a weird concept but it actually a genius plan. "Coffee grounds are collected from coffee shops to a recycling facility where the magic happens and waste turns to re-usable goods," their website explains. First they extract the oils from the grounds to eliminate any morning-coffee-roast-smells. Then these grounds are shaped into pellets and spun into recycled raw thread, which is spun into yarn and woven into their fabric.

Light To Love Biker Shorts, $42, Rumi X

And the cool thing is, the coffee ground technology actually gives excellent results. For example, coffee grounds absorb body odors, so the material has three times more odor control than cotton or polyester. Perfect for those intensive workouts! The material is also moisture-wicking, and coffee grounds come with numerous microscopic pores, which create a long-lasting natural shield for fiber that reflects UV rays. In fact, it actually offers five times more UV protection than your cotton pieces. So in the end, you're saving the planet, getting better results, and looking super cute while doing it. You sacrifice nothing, and make an impact. A total win, win!

As of right now they offer straight sizes, maternity wear, but they don't have a plus size collection. Hopefully in the near future they will expand to include more body types, but as of right now, here are some straight size options you can shop:

1. Strappy Sports Bras

Sight Mirror Sports Bra, $48.00, Rumi X

With the outer shell made with 86 percent recycled polyester and the inner lining made with 92 percent recycled polyester, this is a pretty bra that holds a lot of impact.

2. Full Workout Sets

Light Full Support Sports Bra, $48, Rumi X

If you like a full outfit when you hit the gym or the trails, then you can find plenty of colorful and geometric options in this collection.

3. Eco-Friendly Shorts

Your Words Shorts, $48, Rumi X

From hot yoga to pole dancing, to stand up paddle boarding to running, these recycled shorts are perfect for just about any summer activity.

If you want to be environmentally responsible and look good while doing it, then this brand delivers.