You Can Play With 13 Adorable Corgis In This Corgi Cafe

When someone tells you to "imagine your happy place", you probably think of a beach or a great vacation you took once — or a sexual fantasy involving you and all three of the Lannisters because you don't like to overthink things. But now, you have a new happy place. And that happy place is a goddamn corgi cafe in Thailand. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Corgi in the Garden cafe, where your dreams come true.

According to the Corgi in the Garden's Facebook page, you can enter Eden and play with 13 corgis. And — just a warning — their names are exactly as painfully cute as you expect them to be. You can meet Dean, Quinn, Porkchop, Pumpkin, Salmon, Bean, Bone, Babycorn, Blossom, Bluebell, Barley, Buttercup, and Marmalade. Why the Royals didn't go with Babycorn (all one word), as their baby boy's name, I'll never know.

How do you get a spot at a cafe so full of purity and joy? Well, you have to show up. The cafe is run on a first-come, first-served basis, according to their Facebook page. On Tuesday through Friday, they start selling tickets at 12 p.m. — and on the weekends, they start at 10 a.m. It's a good idea to check the Facebook page or call, because the cafe says they update the page and can let you know when tickets sell out of for the day. And selling out is something I imagine happens to this cafe a lot.

Tickets are divided into one-hour sessions. For around eight dollars, you can get a one-hour session in the cafe and a drink — or you can opt for an hour session, a drink, and a cake for around 11 dollars. (The choice is very, very clear.) And, yes, as you might imagine, the owner loves corgis just as much as you do. “They’re funny dogs, like their appearances, short and stubby. These are their unique appearances which I like,” cafe owner Tanchanok Kanawaong told the New York Post. “And I also like their laughable characteristics as well, they’re so funny."

There's a reason that looking at photos — or just imagining something like a corgi cafe — makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Ultimately, the Corgi in the Garden Cafe is all about spreading the love. “I just wanted to share the love and happiness,” Kanawaong said. “Two of my dogs had seven puppies … and the number grew, so we wanted to spread the joy with others.” And, let me speak for all of us when I say: THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

The corgi cafe idea is a great one — but there are other pet cafes if corgis don't trip your trigger. If hopping on a flight to Bangkok doesn't seem like an option for you, there are plenty of cat cafes in the U.S. to help you get some cuddle time with a furry friend. But if you're willing to travel, a world of pet wonder awaits you. A pop-up Pomeranian cafe in London caused quite a stir — the perfect idea if you want your dogs to be even more fluffy than corgis. Japan even has a hedgehog cafe, if you want something a little different than your normal cat and dog options. And, of course, Japan is also home to "Rabbit Island", if a cafe just can't contain your love of animals.

But as far as we know, there's only one corgi cafe in action — so excuse me a minute while I book my flights to Thailand. I may never return.