This Crazy 'CatDog' Fan Theory Actually Explains A Lot About Nearburg

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Leave your skepticism at the door, because the most insane CatDog fan theory isn't terribly logical but then neither was a show about a conjoined cross-species twin hybrid. Facebook user Nick Montgomery offers a pretty abstract explanation for how the twins came to be born: namely, that CatDog was the product of a nuclear accident similar to what took place at Chernobyl in 1986 and is "a mutated creature... infected and fused together by the radiation. He argues that this same mutation is what allows the creature to stretch in ways you don't normally see mammals' bodies behaving. But there are other clues in this theory that they're living in some sort of post-apocalyptic backdrop.

Montgomery points to the urban deprivation viewers seen in the opening credits (and the rest of the series) and the fact the city is almost deserted, stressing how the streets are covered in trash and the buildings often look like they haven't been lived in. The Facebook user references Season 2 Episode 6, "Work Force," in which the intrepid duo work at a factory owned by Rancid Rabbit and it's shown that "the water is being polluted with runoff with this green sludge." Clearly, normal health and safety rules don't apply to this city.

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According to the sinister theory, not everything is what it seems. Montgomery argues that both Lola (the bird with an interest in zoology) and Rancid Rabbit are human beings in hazardous material suits, who both live in Nearburg for their careers. Lola isn't CatDog's neighbor by chance, but moved next to the twins "to monitor their new lifestyle and survival skills." And he argues that Rancid Rabbit's ears aren't real, but are the radio part of the suit:

"It's shown that it's a radio because he sometimes talks to himself and has a hard time hearing sometimes. In a few episode you hear him yell 'Huh?' or 'What?'"

The green rabbit is in town as a scavenger to profit from the disaster, and the theory argues that this is supported by the work he engages in, with "Rabbit... always trying to make money or hold power over the citizens of Nearburg."


Sure, the theory needs a little fine-tuning. But it does pose a convincing explanation for three key questions: why Nearburg is so dilapidated and empty, how CatDog came to be stuck together, and, most importantly, how the heck the twins poop. Montgomery claims for the final question that "since the radiation has fused them together, the reproductive and waste disposal organs are gone," citing the fact that when one of them eats, the other spits out the waste (as seen in the opening credits, when Dog spits out Cat's hairball).

If there was any reason to marathon your way back through your favorite '90s cross-species series, this is it.