You Can Get Your Best Friend's Face On Your Sports Bra


One of the most effective ways to keep with a workout routine is to involve a buddy, and in this case it may be a good way to kill two birds with one stone — as an adult, it can be difficult to sync your schedule with your BFF. Each of you have different commitments, different lives altogether. But you need not long for your BFF at the gym. You can get your best friend's face on a custom face sports bra.

Guestbookery, a Texas-based retailer specializing in all things personalized and offbeat, is behind the bra. The sports bra is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the graphic garments Guestbookery offers. But, how do they ~know~ whose face to put on the bra? Here's how it works: once you place your order, you send Guestbookery a high-resolution photo of your bestie's face. They will then take the photo and print it all over the garment. Bras are available in sizes XS to 2XL. Customers have the option of choosing one in white or black, though the primary design on the bra will be the photograph provided, so the color is basically only visible on the lining of the straps and neck.

If Guestbookery's work looks familiar to you, perhaps you know about another of her creations: the faces swimsuit. That's right: same idea, different article of clothing. Imagine how amazing your Labor Day weekend trip with your BFF is going to be when you each sport each other's faces. There is no love like friend love, so why not grab a swimsuit (or almost anything else you can dream of) to show it?!

BeardAndTeethApparel also offers a personalized option for those who want to proudly show their love of their best friend, but maybe not by wearing it. You'll never have to drink alone again when you use a beer koozie embellished with your friend's face. It's more subtle than a sports bra, but maintains that special significance.

As mentioned above, Guestbookery seems to have channeled one of the best fitness habits with the creation of its Faces Sports Bra. In addition to serving as encouragement to show up in the first place, working out with a buddy has been linked to getting more out of your workouts, benefitting your emotional health, and learning new practices. So, if you can't manage to actually sync your gym time, perhaps ~pretending~ to work out with a buddy by wearing their face on your chest will improve your practice. Plus, with the sports bra, you can pull your friend close to your heart and not cover them in a layer of post-gym sweat. It's the perfect compromise.

Worst case scenario you just end up with a cute sports bra that displays your devotion to your Day One.