This Dad’s Reaction To His Family Suggesting They Get A Fake Christmas Tree Is ICONIC

If Christmas is your favorite, you might agree that the best part of the holiday is having a tree in your home — decorating it, gazing at the twinkling lights, smelling the rich pine. If you're spending the holidays in the Napoli household, though, don't dare utter a thing about getting a fake Christmas tree, because the patriarch might flip out. That's the exact story 21-year-old Madison Napoli shared on Twitter, and the viral video is nothing short of hilarious.

The debate between artificial trees and natural trees go on. We recently learned that natural trees are more eco-friendly in the short-term, as well as how stories of Christmas trees making you sick might be a tad misunderstood. Maybe that's why this father is so indignant that his wife could have the gall to even suggest they buy an artificial tree this season. How could you?? How could anyone??

Daughter Madison shared the video on Twitter, and her dad's outrage at the thought of anything less than a natural Christmas tree has inspired over 80,000 retweets, more than 220,000 likes, and over four million views. Papa Napoli is ticked; and somewhere, Santa is shaking his head.

An artificial tree... Come on, people.

Check out the video below, and try not to smile. I dare you. (And for anyone wondering, they ended up getting a real Christmas tree. Crisis averted.)

Only rivaling his epic reaction are people's responses on Twitter. Here are some of the best.

The Laugh That Marked The End Of Christmas

Trying to be all innocent, drinking her seasonal beverage, all the while destroying Christmas... We’re on to you, Mom.

"I Don't Know What's Happened To You..."

"... and I know that I can't solve it. So I'm just gonna let it go." Truer words were never spoken.

Husband Material

I just want a man who cares about me as much as this man cares about natural Christmas trees.

TFW Candles Are Beneath You

A pine-scented candle? How dare you? What kind of family do you think this is?

2017? I Can't Even
My Mood Right Now

The head shake really completes it. You know this woman is sleeping in the guest bedroom tonight.

So Relatable

All of us have been this dad at some point in our lives. This is totally me when people mix up “there,” “their,” and “they’re.”

Containing The Christmas Rage

You can tell he really wants to Hulk out right now. You can feel the anger burning inside of him.

No Means No

This is a guy who probably goes with the flow a lot; but not this time. No siree, Bob.

When You Can't Believe What You Just Heard

You'd make those faces too, if someone tried to ruin your favorite holiday for you. This is his own personal sequel to The Grinch.

It's A No For Me

A big line was crossed today. There's no coming back from this. How can you even look at someone the same after that?

Nick Offerman's Spiritual Doppelganger

The newest character on Parks and Recreation? Possibly.

Dad Goals

Everyone can learn something from this man. Take notes.

The Calm Before The Storm

Dad's usually a cool cucumber; but if you mention getting an artificial Christmas tree, there's no telling what might happen.