You Can Buy A $7 "Cooling Collar" For Your Dog On Amazon

by Mia Mercado

As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, you’ll probably start desperately seeking cool, AC-accessible refuge. While you’re basking in the breeze of your misting fan, don’t forget to keep Fido’s body temp in mind. If you’ve got a pup that’s prone to running hot or just doesn’t stop running around despite the heat, you might want to try cooling collar for your dog. It’s an easy way to make sure your dog stays cool while lounging poolside with you.

While they may drool and shed like nobody’s business, dogs don’t sweat. Their body regulates heat primarily through panting. However, in the same way that our sweat may not keep us comfortably cool, your dog’s panting may not lower their body temperature quite enough when they’re out in the sun.

Products like K9 Chill’s dog cooling collar are available online and pretty easy to find at your local pet stores. If you don’t feel like braving the heat to go shopping, you K9 Chill’s collar is available through Amazon Prime starting at under $7.

All you need to do is wet the collar using cold water. Then, slip it on your dog like you would a bandana. The material is soft and breathable to make sure your pet is cool and comfortable. Plus, it has a leash hole making it perfect for taking your pet on summertime walks.

The cooling collar is denoted as an “Amazon recommended” product and boasts pretty solid reviews. One person who bought the collar for their older German Shepard said the Chill Collar was worth it. “Even though it has to be wet down with cold water every couple of hours or so, it's incredibly effective!” they wrote. “If you have a dog that overheats easily or has breathing difficulties, I highly recommend this.”

While the majority of reviews for K9 Chill’s cooling collar are positive, some people say the cooling collar wasn’t effective on their dog with longer hair or just didn’t stay cold at all.

There are also options like this Cooling Towel, which is basically a small towel that boasts “innate cooling properties” to keep your pet cool for hours upon wetting. If you’re looking for the best cooling collar for your dog, you’ve got options depending on what you need. Want something that’ll stay cool for a long time? All Four Paws has a collar that stays cool up to two hours, which is longer than most. Want something more affordable? Check out Pet Life’s gel insert collar.

Pet MD notes that while body temperatures among dogs vary, temps above 103 degrees Fahrenheit are abnormal and could cause help risks for your pet. Hyperthermia, typically associated with a body temperature of 106 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, and heat stroke can lead to serious problems like organ dysfunction.

It’s important to be aware of the signs that your pet is starting to overheat. Panting, excessive drooling, and dehydration are all common signs that your dog needs to cool down. However, you shouldn't fret too much if you notice your pup panting as that’s how a dog’s body regulates heat. If you notice more concerning signs like irregular heart rate or a wobbly gait, that could be signal of a more serious case of heat stroke.

Thankfully, there are plenty of simple ways to keep your pet cool. Making sure your pet has access to water and a cool, ventilated space are the easiest ways to ensuring their body is able to regulate temperature in extreme heat. Though it should go without saying, sitting inside hot cars are a big no-no for your pet.

If you really want to treat your pet, air conditioned dog houses exists so they can enjoy the summer sun and stay cool at the same time.