Wedding Crocs Exist & They Are Actually Super Glam


When it comes to bridal shoes, you don't see many Crocs pop up in wedding photos. But all that might change thanks to Etsy's bridal clogs. Rather than the bride killing her feet standing in four inch stilettos all day, she can now glide down the aisle in rubber shoes that are made for comfort. Sure, Crocs are usually the shoes of choice for double shift nurses and dads at Disneyland. But there is no reason why those clunky shoes can't make the cross over to elegant formal wear.

The Etsy store in question that makes these shoes is Princess Pumps, which specializes in making custom sequin wedding shoes. But these shoes aren't your run of the mill pumps that you can find in any bridal boutique. Instead, the store focuses on using unexpected silhouettes, like Chuck Taylors and Vans. Think rose gold glitter All Star low top sneakers and champage gold Van slip ons.

The glitter-bombed clogs are called the Starlight Sequin Crystal Iris Clogs. The shoes take on the classic Crocs shape, and there are iridescent sequins hand glued onto the shoe. The sequins shimmer from a light pink to a white to a delicate yellow, keeping on theme with the ethereal colors weddings are usually associated with.

Another bonus of the arch-supporting shoes is the price. Anything that is attached to a wedding usually has a scandals price tag attached to it. Simple white flip flops can run upwards of $300 if they are labeled bridal. But these custom shoes are sold for only $114 and are available to ship within two weeks.

There are also silver sequin clogs if you like a more uniform color, adding a sterling touch to your wedding dress.

In fact, if you search "clogs" in the store, you will get an array of different colors. There are also tiny flower girl clogs available as well, allowing the girl to match with the bride.

Crocs usually get a questionable response from the public, where you never quite know if the shoes are loved or hated. Seeing how people usually have strong opinions when it comes to weddings, these unconventional shoes could have not been easily embraced. But as it turns out, the internet loves them.

People who have gotten wind of the comfy bridal shoes expressed their approval on Twitter, sharing how the embellished clogs are a must-do for receptions.

"Think I’ll get married again just to wear some," one user wrote.

Other brides-to-be found wedding clogs so fun that they were experiencing feelings of FOMO when considering if they should or shouldn't buy a pair. "I’ve had so many people send me the wedding crocs that now I HAVE to get them. I CAN’T LET THE PEOPLE DOWN!" one tweeter shared.

Other people wondered out loud to their following if it would be socially appropriate to add Crocs to a wedding registry.

Other tweeters were just excited that they now had a bedazzled option to wear at their reception that wasn't heels. Since the shoes are covered in sequins, they are definitely white-tie appropriate.

Brides now have a comfy option to walk down the aisle in that won't leave their feet throbbing by the end of the night. That's always a win.