This Theory Predicts Cersei's Death On 'Game Of Thrones' In The Most Shocking Way

Helen Sloan/HBO

Cersei may have been MIA during two major Game of Thrones episodes, but on Sunday night she came back with a vengeance, not only killing yet another one of Daenerys' dragons, but also beheading the Khaleesi's close friend Missandei in front of her very eyes. However, Queen Cersei hasn't won the war for the Iron Throne quite yet, and while there are many characters now itching to take her down, this Game of Thrones theory about Euron predicts a surprising way she could end up meeting her maker. And it could all be thanks to Tyrion.

For many seasons now, fans have been convinced that one of Cersei's brothers would ultimately lead to her downfall. This is due to a prophecy that was made to Cersei when she was a young girl. We saw part of this prophecy on the show, when Maggy the Frog informed her that all three of her children would wear golden crowns and golden shrouds, indicating that Cersei would see them all die, which she has. However, there's one part of the prophecy in the original books that wasn't included in this scene, and it indicates that Cersei will be killed by the valonqar, which is High Valyrian for "little brother." This could potentially reference either Tyrion or Jaime, the latter of which was born a few minutes after Cersei.

That being said, prophecies are rarely ever as straightforward as they appear to be, which makes these outcomes less likely. Luckily, Reddit user grantvoyager has come up with a new, alternative theory of how this could all play out, and it still manages to stick to the prophecy — just not in the way you'd expect. Near the end of the most recent episode, Tyrion approached Cersei in the hopes of reasoning with her and appealing to her humanity. He begged her to surrender for the sake of her unborn child. And that right there could very well be his cleverest move yet, though it appeared to be unintentional on his part.

You see, Cersei had only just told Euron that she was pregnant with his child moments before heading out to meet Daenerys, Tyrion & Co. at the gate. We, of course, know that the child is actually Jaime's (or so she said), but Euron is completely in the dark about all that. However, won't he find it rather curious that Tyrion knows about the baby already? It's not as if Cersei would've had the chance to tell him between when Euron was told and now. So how did he know?

With that in mind, grantvoyager predicts that Euron will become wise to the fact that Cersei's baby isn't actually his, which will lead him to turn on Cersei and potentially even be the one to kill her. This would be interesting on so many different levels. For one, Euron is the little brother of Balon Greyjoy, so while he may not be Cersei's valonqar, he is someone's valonqar. Second of all, this would be a direct result of what Tyrion said, which would make him responsible for Cersei's death, in a way, therein fulfilling the prophecy.

Tyrion has made some pretty significant mistakes over the last few seasons, so it would be nice to see the cleverest guy in Westeros get a win before the series is over. And having Cersei killed without waging war on King's Landing would certainly be a win. Not to mention it would make putting up with Euron's character worth the effort.