This Fan Theory About Jon & Dany's Cave Scene On 'GoT' Will Change How You Watch It

by S. Atkinson
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

You know the one. In an oddly sensual Game of Thrones scene, Jon Snow leads Daenerys into the caves containing dragonglass, and shows her drawings made by the Children of the Forest, illustrating how they set aside their differences with men to fight the White Walkers "togethur." But a fan theory argues that Jon Snow drew that cave art himself, and it's both hilarious and way too convincing.

It's easy to see where tweets like "Does anyone else think Jon Snow drew the White Walker cave painting himself in order to secure the army? Asking for a friend" are coming from. After all, it's a great excuse to lure the Breaker of Chains into the Thrones a secluded firelight stroll around the underbelly of the Mother of Dragons' castle to check out some cool art. Daenerys seems far more open to some gentle wheedling on Jon's part with those puppy dog eyes pleading his case. Even her "I will fight for the North when you bend the knee" is said far more gently than we've witnessed before.

And it does seem kind of uncanny that the cave art perfectly illustrates the King of the North's arguments for why Dany should lend both her dragonglass and her troops to his cause.

You've got all his main points: There are problems bigger and older than the Targaryens and the Starks and the Lannisters, and the Children and the First Men set aside their mistrust, differences, and suspicions to fight against a common enemy instead of each other. It's all very neat. There's also the chalk -- which, as various Twitter users have already remarked, is strangely bright white for supposedly being thousands of years old.

Of course, Jon is as pure as the driven — well, it's in his name. He couldn't possibly be capable of anything as manipulative as painstakingly etching some drawings into the wall of a cave to prove to the woman he's possibly crushing on that he's not completely nuts, could he?

This said, he was in that cave for a suspiciously long time just hanging out on his lonesome, given that he hasn't actually started mining the dragonglass yet. He even says at the beginning of the scene that he wanted to let Dany see the pictures before the mining destroys them. So what was he doing in there all that time? Daydreaming? Writing letters? Or finally giving in to the creative impulses commonly possessed by wearers of man buns and indulging in a spot of drawing? Well, exactly.

This seems like an open-and -hut case. OK, the King of the North may not have actually drawn some White Walkers on a cave wall to woo and convince the blonde warrior queen in his life to lend him some support, but Twitter is loving this theory. And who could blame them? It's got everything a Thrones fan wants: double-crossing, intrigue, and Jon Snow getting in touch with his arty side.