BECCA's New Lip Balms Are Refreshingly Anti-Matte

Courtesy of BECCA Cosmetics

Even a brand known for its highlighters and its glow — more specifically, its best-selling and standard-setting "Champagne Glow" — can switch gears a little and focus on another feature. BECCA just dropped Lush Lip Color Balm, a totally unexpected collection of lip products that are a perfect summer go-to, since they add a flush of hydrating, buildable color thanks to "flexible pigments," which help enhance your natural pucker hue. There are eight mega moisturizing BECCA Lush Lip Color Balm shades with delish, mouth-watering names like Toasted Hazelnut, Ginger Vanille, and Cherry Ganache.

The new BECCA lippies drop today, Tuesday, Jul. 18 at the brand's site and via Ulta Beauty.

BECCA Lush Lip Colour Balm, $22, BECCA Cosmetics

The swatches of the BECCA Lush lippies show that the colors are sheer but pigmented and can add that perfect dose of sexiness. You can swipe two coats across your pout for the very right now "lived in" lip look that mimics a fading stain. Or you can slick on several layers of color for a deeper, more defined, and glamorous look.

These lippies are formulated with Jojoba Oil, which keeps your kisser super moist, soft, and smooch-worthy all day long.

Have a look at the color choices of these refreshing anti-mattes.

The colors are so soft. You can brighten up your face with a few swipes. During the sticky heat of the summer, most of us avoid a full face of makeup but don't want to sacrifice glam or a pop of color.

These babies will add that desired "oomph," since they are softening and they have that signature BECCA quality.

It's refreshing to see a light wash of color in a sea of precision mattes.

The Lush Balms aren't exactly super shiny, either. They are more of a pigmented stain.

The new BECCA lippies are the best way to inject to enjoy the perfect dose of color with moisture.