You Can Get A Floating Picnic Table At Sam’s Club & Eat In The Pool All Summer Long

by Brittany Bennett
Sam's Club

It's hard to imagine this summer on dry land. With the abundance of pool floats on the market, you might want to spend all day — for three months — on the water. You might be thinking, "Yeah, but what about when it comes from eating?" You'd surely have to get out of the pool for that. Actually, that would be incorrect, and Sam's Club's Floating Picnic Table is here to show you just how incorrect you are.

Is there anything better than being in a body of water on a hot day and eating a cold cuts sandwich — that isn't threatened to go soggy from the surrounding water? Pretty much no. There is not. Now that possibility of sandwiches on water is a reality.

Sam's Club has now introduced us to the Floating Picnic Table, which is maybe the Eighth Wonder of the World. It's not a boat. It doesn't come with oars. It isn't something to simply lounge on. The Floating Picnic Table is entirely its own floating entity. And if you see someone floating by you, dining literally on the lake, it will surely make your jaw drop. Hence, World Wonder. You and your friends can defy lunch with your own Floating Picnic Table.

The Floating Picnic Table by Rhino Building Products is sold through Sam's Club. The "durable" yet "lightweight" table can seat up to four adults. And if you're worried about your sandwich slipping and sliding away from you with the waves, the table is designed for stability. Retailing for $598, this float is more like a dining table. But its promised durability means you'll get the best views waterfront dining has to offer all summer long — and for many summers to come.

Now you don't have to swim all the way to shore to snack or play cards. All you have to do is hop on a floating table. People are, obviously, already loving it. "It is absolutely fabulous! Everyone loves to have a place to perch in the middle of the water. Sometimes, people will sit at the table and play cards," one review reads. The review continues with a brilliant, beyond brilliant idea. "Other times, we flip it over and lay out on the benches. It is very stable and makes a perfect place for people to hang out in the water." However you choose to use it, as a lounge or dining table, it will be thoroughly enjoyed.

Sam's Club

The lake can now be your living room and dining room and playground thanks to Sam's Club. There are Unicorn, Llama, and Dinosaur style floaties that you can lounge in as long as the sun is up. But if you're looking for a more active time on the lake, Sam's Club has a giant water trampoline to take care of that.

With the Floating Picnic Table, the lake or pool is your home now. There's nothing you can't do and fun is the only option. From breakfast to lunch to simply just hanging out, Sam's Club has everything you need for a great day on the water.