This Magical Fork Doubles As A Pizza Cutter


The pizza cutter is the unsung hero of kitchen accessories. It only has one intended use, but is necessary if you're going to be feeding a crowd or just yourself. Just imagine prepping a pie without one; so much fruitless cutting. While the pizza cutter stuffed in the back of your drawer with the knives and wooden spoons is living in 2019, this pizza cutter is living in 3019. That's because it's not just a pizza cutter, it's a fork AND pizza cutter.

The key difference between this gadget and other pizza cutters is that this fork and pizza cutter combo is designed with only one person in mind: the eater. Rather than a cutter for serving groups, the pizza fork allows you, the consumer, to alternate between cutting pizza and eating it with a fork (a controversial approach, I know).

A few months ago, creator Daniel Morvec launched a Kickstarter campaign to create pizza fork; although the campaign ended up being unsuccessful, Morvec was able to begin production anyway. The pizza forks are available for pre-order now through Each red plastic pizza fork sells for $8, and is expected to be delivered in June. You also get a free fork if you buy three.

Inventive kitchen utensils might just be on the rise. Last year, we were introduced to the the Chef'n FridgeFork Condiment Fork, which is anything but another teeny tiny condiment pickle fork you find at upscale gatherings. No, this pickle fork, much like the pizza fork, isn't for anyone except you. The pickle fork is described on Amazon as, " innovative condiment fork [that] allows you to access your favorite pickles or condiments without constantly dirtying utensils or getting your fingers wet." The fork comes in a green plastic holder that attaches to the rim of a jar, and a caddy for catching drips when the fork isn't in use.

Another addition to your list of unnecessary but ideal kitchen accessories is a butter knife that keeps it cold while making it easy to spread. Allow me to explain: this knife looks downright strange. It's stainless steel and the shape of a typical butter knife, but one side looks like a slotted spoon or perhaps a cheese grater. The other side looks like a potato peeler. So, with this knife, you can cut butter normally, shave it off like you would parmesan cheese, or push it through the array of little holes onto your bread. The idea is that it will make it so your butter doesn't come off the stick in a big, unspreadable hunk. Named what else but the Butter Knife Magic, the product has been available on Amazon for almost five years. As wild as it may seem, buyers really swear by it.

The internet is on to some wild stuff, right now. If you're looking for something to spend those holiday gift cards on— something you will actually use— look no further than weird kitchen gadgets. Namely, pre order a pizza fork. You'll never eat pizza the same way again.