This 'Fresh Prince' Episode Is Never Talked About But Here's Proof It's Actually The Best

By its third season, Fresh Prince had fully hit its stride. Characters were developed, the show's wackiness level had dropped off a little bit to focus more on relationships, and the jokes were flying pretty consistently. And whether you realize it or not, Season 3 also happened to contain a Fresh Prince episode that no one talks about despite it being truly great, an installment called "Alma Matter."

For many fans, the Fresh Prince episodes that stand out in their minds are the more intense, serious ones. That makes sense; the show was a comedy, and so the dramatic moments were when it went above and beyond. But "Alma Matter" got at the heart of a serious problem (Carlton doesn't like himself) without sacrificing comedy for a moment. I mean, ask the average Fresh Prince fan what's their favorite moment from the show, and most will note some version of Carlton's dance to his beloved Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual." Well, this Season 3 episode actually had Jones in it for an extended sing and dance-along, as part of an extended tribute to the beloved Christmas classic It's A Wonderful Life.

On top of that, the episode treated fans to extended montages of Will and Carlton's biggest strengths: physical comedy and snappy one-liners. It had topical humor, conventions upended, and more, making it an episode with something for everyone. Fresh Prince fans should give it some more love, especially for the reasons below.