You Can Make This Giant Croissant Body Pillow Part Of Your Life Now

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Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen has four foot long croissant body pillows for new parents.
Courtesy of Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

There is no greater joy than going to town on a croissant the size of your face — that is, there was no greater joy until this came along. Now you can revel in the majesty of a croissant that is the size of a human body, thanks to this croissant body pillow. Sure, it may cost you your relationship when you inevitably kick your partner out of bed to accommodate its gigantic four foot presence under your sheets, but the course of true love — unlike a buttery, perfectly flaky croissant — never did run smooth.

The croissant body pillow is thrust upon this internet courtesy of chain restaurant Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen, which is offering it as part of a bundle for specifically for new parents. The bundle was inspired by the restaurant's new practice of welcoming every guest with a Honey Butter Croissant — basically, now they're welcoming humans into the world with them, too. The bundles will include not only the massive Honey Butter Croissant body pillow for parents, but also a onesie, a blanket, a matching croissant baby support pillow, and a $30 gift card to Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen. All you have to do to snag one for yourself or as a gift to a friend who's a new parent is head to Cheddar's website, where you can get the whole bundle for $30 while supplies last. That said, Cheddar's may beat you to the punch gift-giving wise — the chain is surprising new parents at local hospitals and birthing centers with the bundle the week of Nov. 18, too. (Who knew having a kid could get you so much free croissant swag? What an unexpected perk.)

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen

If you're feeling croissant FOMO or don't want to commit to letting an entire human-sized stuffed breakfast food into your bed, you can always go for a more subtle option, too. Catbird has a croissant lamp that fits neatly on your bedside table, so you can wake up to the carb-laden aesthetic you deserve. Even better? The lamp is made from an actual croissant that's been "preserved in resin and retrofitted with an electrical belly." So you might not like, immediately keel over if you accidentally tried to eat it in your post-snooze alarm haze.

Here's hoping that the croissant fandom only takes off further from here, so we can grace our bedrooms not just with croissant lamps and body pillows, but a whole array of croissant-themed home goods to boot. After all, it is the croissant's buttery world, and we're all just living in it.

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