You Can Buy A Giant Stuffed Rosé Pillow From Urban Outfitters

by Lia Beck
Urban Outfitters

It might be the season of giving, but if you're looking for a little something to buy yourself once the holidays are over, here's one, admittedly pretty ridiculous, purchase wine-lovers might be interested in. Urban Outfitters has a rose bottle pillow, as pointed out by PopSugar, and it looks pretty dang cozy. Do you need a rosé pillow? No. Will a rosé pillow make you happy when you see it and provide some prime cuddling? I can only judge by the photos at this point, but methinks the answer is yes.

Urban Outfitters' Rosé Bottle Oversized Pillow comes in at 25.5" by 9" (it should really be the size of one's entire body, but OK) and goes for $69. According to the site, it's a "lush, crushed velvet pillow with embroidered accents." Also, look how comfortable it looks sitting there with those string lights and blanket. That's prime nap material.

If you'd like to treat yourself, the pillow is currently available for preorder for December 27. It would also make a great present for someone who loves wine, whether you're celebrating Christmas late or need a birthday gift in the new year. Also, might I suggest waiting a little while to see if it goes on sale post-holidays.

This pillow is far from the only silly-but-happiness-inducing rosé product out there. Rosé is still very much A Thing, just check out these other pink wine-themed items:

Rosé Pool Float

Naturally, there is more than one type of rosé pool float available, but this one may have the best name: The Rosé Floaté. Sure, it might be winter in the U.S. currently, but you can prepare. If you're the type of person who wants a Rosé Floaté right now, that probably won't change in the next five months.

Rosé Eyeshadow

Another offering from Urban Outfitters, this eyeshadow palette "exudes layers of romance reminiscent of summer rosé." Impressive!

Rosé Highlighter

There are a number of rosé-inspired makeup items out there. This one is a "blush-pink, champagne highlighter" from RMS Beauty.

Rosé Makeup Brushes

This makeup brush set from Urban Outfitters is perhaps not quite as closely tied to rosé wine as the other items on this list, but the rose gold accents are pretty, and these are pretty inexpensive considering how many brushes you get.

Rosé Gummy Bears

These rosé gummy bears from Sugarfina are one of their most popular products. They come in a wide variety of sizes from a small cube to 2.5-pound bag.

Rosé Chocolate

Chocolate brand Compartes has rosé chocolate, and it really does have wine in it. According to the site, "Our Rosé bar features French rosé wine blended into our signature white chocolate, tinted pink and sprinkled with crystalized rose petals."

"Will You Accept This Rosé" Shirt

For any Bachelor fans out there who also like rosé (that Venn Diagram is probably pretty close to being a circle), there's this T-shirt that's a play on the show's most famous phrase.

Enjoy your new rosé pillow, makeup, or T-shirt! (Or just a bottle of wine. Nothing wrong with that.)