You Can Buy A Pool Float Version Of Your Favorite Glittery '90s Inflatable Chair

Urban Outfitters

Long live the '90s. If you or your very cool friend ever had some bright pink blowup furniture, you'll understand the nostalgia that anything inflated and bright can evoke in a '90s kid. It was the HEIGHT of all things trendy and desirable, despite the fact that most of the furniture deflated way too quickly or was so overfilled it was impossible to find a comfortable position. Luckily, it's 2019 and things have improved in the inflatable department. Enter Urban Outfitter's Glitter Chair Pool Float — which, as PopSugar notes, looks very much like the much swanky version of the '90s classic.

Urban Outfitters is offering the sparkliest of pool floats in one of three different colors for just $24. You can pick one up in gold, turquoise, or rose gold — which is not only millennial perfection, but definitely gives a nod to the inflatable furniture of yore. They're all as sparkly as you could possible want and look ready for some relaxing in the sun. The sling chair design also features a strap for you to rest your weary legs on, as well as a curved back, side handles. It's like you're already lounging just thinking about it. But perhaps the best twist is that it comes with not one, but two cup holders. That's right, room for two drinks — one side for something pink and bubbly and one side for the water your organs are so desperately crying out for. Listen to some Britney Spears and remember simpler times.

It seems like we're reaching PEAK POOL FLOAT at the moment — which is maybe a sign that a lot of us are longing for a summer that hasn't quite arrived yet. We're not just seeing the pink and glittery varieties, we're also seeing waffle pool floats from Target if you want to channel your inner Leslie Knope — which I would love to do, but I'm pretty aware I would end up trying to take a bite and things would get worse from there. If you'd rather go for goddess vibes you can get an oyster pool float and feel like a damn pearl. But really, if you want to go big — if you want to go bigger than big — I'd recommend Funboy's Rainbow Pool Float. It can hold six people, but, most importantly, it has a rainbow arch so you can feel like you are a water-bound pride parade float having the time of your life.

There is one float which really brings the extra-ness, because if you want a little power there are motorized pool float options so you can race the day away. (Side note: I take no personal responsibility for any motorized pool float racing accidents. Please pool float responsibly.)

We're not even halfway through April, but whether it's spring break fever or just an inability to take any more chilly weather, we're definitely longing for summer. At this rate, we'll have a garage full of inflatable pool floats that we're too scared to use in the 45 degree weather — just call it good old American optimism. But at some point summer will come — and we'll all be ready.