This Motorized Pool Float Will Let You Cruise The Pool All Summer Long


Pool battles are about to get a lot more interesting. Have you ever been lounging around, enjoying floating on the water and thought, "This is great, but if only there was more machinery in involved"? Fear not, for PoolCandy has your answer. The company released The Splash Runner — a motorized pool float that will take your summer pool experience up a notch. Because when it comes to summer fun, we're constantly trying to raise the bar.

"The Splash Runner by PoolCandy is a motorized pool lounger that will revolutionize the way you relax (and play!) at the pool," the description explains. "Featuring a state-of-the-art motorized propeller system that requires almost no assembly. The powerful dual 66w motors spin lightweight propellers that are independent with push-button thrust and 360 degree controls." They were so busy thinking about whether or not they could do it, that they didn't stop and think whether they should do it. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that summer drinks, water, and motors could combine into something beautiful or something horrible, depending on the day.

The float itself is now for sale on Amazon where it squeaks in at just under 200 bucks — so it certainly isn't cheap. But for that price you get two motors, 360-degree control, and a hefty float for pool-related warfare. And for just under 400 bucks, you can buy two motorized pool floats and start up your own illegal drag racing on water ring. It may be time to invest in a bigger pool, quit your job, and admit that this will be your crowning achievement. Pool float races are the future — you heard it here first.

Summer means something different for everyone — for some, it's all about the partying, while for others it's all about kicking back and really letting go. If you want your pool float to have a more chilled out vibe — and actually float, rather than be propelled through the water with motors — there are plenty of options out there to get your chillax on. Urban Outfitters has a huge range of pool floats right now, but I have to say that I'm liking the unconventional options that have been on sale this summer. There's a corgi pool float, if you want to channel your inner British royalty (on water) and a sloth pool float if you want to channel, well, the extremely lazy summer aesthetic that you know yourself to own. I know I will.

But if you really want to be on trend, then it probably has to be the rose gold mermaid tail pool float, which is the stuff that summer dreams are made on. Considering Aldi's Pineapple Mimosa goes for less than 10 bucks a bottle, there's no reason this summer can't be your best day-drunk life — every damn day. Mimosas, floating, sun — summer days can't arrive soon enough.

There are so many different summer vibes coming our way every day, it's hard to keep track of the best ways to celebrate — but this is definitely the first motorized pool float I've seen. It may just be a poor man's jet ski, but it looks like a hell of a good time. Time to get a motor on.