A Glossier x Momofuku Milk Bar Collaboration Is Coming

If you're a New Yorker, born and bred or otherwise, you have likely had multiple experiences at Momofuku Milk Bar. The iconic dessert company is an NYC staple, perhaps best known for their classic birthday cake — a three-layered slice of heaven covered in funfetti that is the dream come true of every sweet tooth. Now, picture that famous cake transitioned into lip balm. That's right — Glossier is teaming up with Momofuku Milk Bar for a special Birthday Balm DotCom, and you need this in your life.

As Refinery 29 points out, this is something of a natural progression for the brand, which once partnered with Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream to feature ice cream flavors inspired by their flavored balms. The newest addition to the Balm DotCom family aims to emulate the quintessential dessert's qualities in its remarkable formula. The skin salve is still super moisturizing, but this time it's loaded with glitter, which gives it a hint of a holographic sheen once applied. The '90s kid in me is jumping for joy right now. The tube itself features a silver shimmery print with the brand and product names in pastel pink and mint, respectively, totally tying into the birthday cake concept. The tube comes encased in a box that looks like it's practically hand dipped in colorful sprinkles — how fun is that?!

Whether you're feeling nostalgic about flavored lippies (remember Lip Smackers?), or longing for Momofuku's sugary birthday cake when you're nowhere near NYC, Glossier's Birthday Balm DotCom just might do the trick.

Holy yum.


Clearly, I am not the only excited about this news.


Who doesn't love birthday cake?!

Birthday balm on your actual birthday? Sounds like it's meant to be.

Bye bye bank account.

Me too.

No word yet on an official launch date, but keep your eyes peeled. Glossier is bound to announce it sometime!