This Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Box Is SO Romantic

by Emma Oulton

Getting engaged is already an exciting moment in anybody's life, but this Golden Snitch engagement ring box has just seriously upped the game. Now, Harry Potter-loving hopeful romantics can hide an engagement ring inside a beautiful Golden Snitch made of sterling silver and yellow gold, locked with a key shaped like Harry's Nimbus 2000. The Snitch ring box is designed by Freeman Jewellery, and can double up as a beautiful necklace, even once the ring is safely on your or your loved one's finger. I think even a clumsy Muggle like me could manage to beat Harry to the Snitch if I knew there was such an exciting surprise inside.

I mean, why wouldn't you want your special moment to involve as many Harry Potter references as possible? Potterheads have been throwing Harry Potter-themed weddings for years, and "Always" has worked its way into many a wedding vow. I've even heard of a Marauder's Map proposal from one particularly dedicated wizard — but turning a proposal into a romantic game of Quidditch is a level of magic even J.K. Rowling couldn't make up.

On the caption of a YouTube video uploaded by Freeman Jewellery, the company explained that they were commissioned to make the Snitch ring box by a super-romantic customer — but I wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot more Golden Snitch proposals in our future now that this gorgeous ring box exists in the world.

Harry and Ginny were both talented Seekers on the Quidditch field — so an engagement ring hidden in a Golden Snitch would have made a perfect way to make their love official. Now we just need J.K. Rowling to confirm this theory...