The Text Updates This “Grandpa” Sent While Dog-Sitting Will Melt Your Whole Heart

When Meghan Specksgoor went on a recent trip to New York, she left her father in charge of her dog, Chance. But although there was no question that her dad would take good care of Chance while she was away, little did she know that all three of them would go viral as a result. That’s exactly what happened when Specksgoor took to Twitter on Dec. 24 and shared texts her dad sent her while he was dog sitting Chance. The texts, you see, weren’t from his own point of view — they were from Chance’s. And they are truly, truly spectacular. No wonder they've stolen the internet's collective heart!

Chance is a rescue pup, and according to Bored Panda, Specksgoor adopted him from the Richmond Animal League. Founded in 1979, the RAL is the Richmond, Va. area’s oldest nonprofit no-kill shelter and clinic. In its efforts to reduce the area’s homeless pet population, RAL provides temporary housing, medical treatment, and other care to more than 1,700 animals a year. The goal, of course, is to get each and every one of those animals adopted into a forever home.

When Specksgoor met Chance, then named “Chap,” she wasn’t actually intending to get a furry friend herself. She told Bored Panda that she had accompanied a friend who was looking for a puppy on a trip to the shelter… and then walked out with a completed application for “Chap.” Chap had arrived at RAL with a shattered jaw after suffering a gunshot wound, so a plate was put in his jaw. “He has been perfect ever since,” Specksgoor told Bored Panda.

She named him after Chance the Rapper, which she thought was “fitting since he had been given a second chance at life.” And it certain looks like his second chance has been a good one. He enjoys the great outdoors:

Snuggling on the couch:

The holidays:

And, of course, hanging out with Grandpa, as evinced by the magnificent texts Specksgoor posted on Twitter as screenshots. Each text featured a photo of the pupper with a caption about what he and Grandpa were doing. One photo snapped from the front seat of a car showed Chance in the backseat:

The next showed Chance sitting on a picnic table:

A third showed the doggo (who is definitely a very good boy) with the promised cup of ice cream:

And finally, the last text Specksgoor posted showed Chance sitting on the bed:


What’s more, the texts actually accomplished a few essential goals from a pet sitting standpoint, too: They both let Specksgoor know that her doggo was doing fine, and they sought information the pet sitter could use to give the pet an even better experience. To this I say, Well played, sir! Well played, indeed!

It’s clear that Chance was in great and loving hands while Specksgoor was away — even if Specksgoor’s dad didn’t quite know the impact his creative pet care would have. Specksgoor posted the following update on Dec. 27:

It’s good, Gramps. I promise.

Interested in adopting a pet? Good! Do that! Adopted pets are great! The Humane Society of the United States has some useful pointers on how to find a shelter near you. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re prepared for the pet adoption process, which usually involves completing an application that asks questions ranging from what your housing situation is like and whether you have other pets to what kind of lifestyle you lead and what your expectations are for your new pet. Make sure you’re really ready to adopt before you go through with it — but if you are, it’s awesome, both for them and for you. (Source: I have two cats who were both adopted from local shelters and I love them to pieces.) Good luck!