There's A 'GOTG2' Teaser For The Official Trailer

by Jordana Lipsitz

These days, even the trailers have trailers, but when it comes to Star Lord and his pals, I couldn't be more excited about any footage we get to see. The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser for the trailer, which dropped on Facebook on Monday, builds hype for the official World trailer, which is due to drop on Tuesday, in the funniest way. It'll make you look forward to the upcoming movie's premiere on May 5 even more. Sure, it might feel a little silly to watch a trailer for a trailer, but at the same time, with an additional teaser or two, fans get more and more glimpses of what might be the most laugh-out-loud movie of the summer. Pretty cool deal, right?

In the teaser to the trailer for GotG2, our favorite protectors of the galaxy sit around a campfire at night. As Drax slurps his soup loudly, the other Guardians, even Baby Groot (who can't know that much about etiquette yet if you think about it) stare at the former prison inmate in muted disgust. That is until the sassiest raccoon of all time, Rocket exclaims, "Dude..." Drax responds "What?" followed by Peter Quill also chiming in with his own "Dude..." Then, there's another confused "What?" from Drax. Title cards then announce, "Tomorrow Get Ready For The Exclusive World Trailer Premiere."

The clip almost seems to be mocking the ridiculousness of a teaser before the trailer as the Guardians are sitting around a campfire while Drax slurps soup — building all sorts of unnecessary tension, but very welcome excitement.

It's almost better that the teaser doesn't give away any real info — except that the Guardians are one of the funniest groups of heroes ever. All we really needed was another glimpse at the space vigilantes' on-point group chemistry and comedic timing.

Get ready for the even more hilarious trailer on Feb. 28 and the actual movie, which premieres in theaters on May 5. hopefully, we'll get more clips in the future, because no matter what the Guardians do, they're always pretty funny and this wait is hard.