Moving Tattoos Are Now A Thing Thanks To One Talented Artist

by Kali Borovic

There is a ton of cool tattoo art out there. People have created literary designs, minimalist ideas, and everything in-between, but you've never seen anything quite like this. As Teen Vogue found, Phil Berge creates moving tattoos. Yes, you read that right. The artist takes one idea, lots of different people, and some ink and makes flip-book like tattoos all involving iconic cartoon characters. Prepare to be amazed, because these works of art are mesmerizing.

If you thought that you've seen everything you can when it comes to tattoos, think again. Berge's designs actually move. Of course, it takes a little bit of editing and a whole lot of ink. According to his interview with Bustle, Berge spends anywhere from one to three months picking the perfect designs, people to tattoo them on, and editing to make his designs come to life in a flip-book like fashion.

"I have to find the right subject, draw the whole thing, find the clients, do the tattoo, take a picture, edit the video on my computer and upload it to the net, Berge tells Bustle. "So far my animations range from 8 tattoos to 28."

It's mesmerizing to say the least. As soon as you click play on his videos, you'll see just how talented this tattoo artist is.

As far as the characters go, he sticks to classic characters that people already know and love. Of his dozens of designs, there's Bart Simpson, Mickey Mouse, and other iconic images. Many of which you've already seen move the same way behind a screen.

"I am not a professional animator so I prefer to recreate already existing animation as it's more fluid," Berge tells Bustle. "Also, people related to stuff that they already know so it's a little bit easier to find people interested in the tattoos."

According to Teen Vogue, many of the people that get the designs don't know each other. He tells Bustle that he draws them all out on paper and then searches for people who want each design. As you can see in his captions, Berge asks people on his social media pages to sign up to get the tattoos. When he's all finished, he takes pictures of the tattoos, edits them in iMovie, and then sometimes puts them to music.

"It's something I used to do when I was a kid with my parents camera and figurines," Berge tells Bustle. "I have always been fascinated by animation so It was something I wanted to try with tattoos since I'm a tattooer."

Nothing like taking an already loved for of art and making it new again. These images are so good that you'll want to watch them all day long.