The Hairy Chest Swimsuit Just Got A Wearable Upgrade

Remember when the fashion world went crazy about the Hairy Swimsuit? Well, it's back and even more wearable. Beloved Shirts created the Sexy Chest Sports Bra to keep the print alive. Think: the exact same print minus the belly button. Believe it or not, this isn't the only ay you can sport your chest hair with pride either. There's an entire collection filled with the hairy print, so get ready to stock up.

Get ready to free the nipple in a whole new way, my friends, because this is the print that just won't go away. In true, unconventional clothing form, Beloved Shirts created a sports bra made out of hairy-looking material. Basically, you get he support that you need while completely terrifying anyone who sees it. The print is the exact same one that went viral on the Hair Chest One-Piece, but this time only the chest is shown.

If you're looking to amp up your unconventional print clothing collection, you'll be happy to know that you can stock up on the Sexy Chest Sports Bra right now. The item is available on the Beloved Shirts website right now for $39.95. While that's a bit more expensive than your average sports bra, this is anything but ordinary.

Sexy Chest Sports Bra, $40, Beloved Shirts

While the item doesn't cater to every single size possible, you can shop the top in sizes extra-small to extra-large. It's also available in a darker skin tone as well in the same fit options. Both styles are currently available in both color options and styles.

Sexy Chest Sports Bra, $40, Beloved Shirts

This isn't your only hairy-chested option to shop either. Besides the swimsuit and the bra, you have plenty other clothing items to choose from. Here's every single item, so you can shop accordingly.

1. Tank Top

Sexy Chest Women's Tank, $35, Beloved Shirts

The top comes in light, tan, and dark shades.

2. Tees

Sexy Chest Tan Tee, $40, Beloved Shirts

Spread your love for hairy chess al year 'round.

3. Joggers

Sexy Legs Tan Joggers, $70, Beloved Shirts

I'm not going to lie, these are disturbing.

4. Sweatshirt

Sexy Chest Sweatshirt, $55, Beloved Shirts

Bare that hair even through the chilly seasons

5. Hoodie

Sexy Chest Cotton Hoodie, $55, Beloved Shirts

Complete with arm hair!

Bottom line: you can have an entire wardrobe filed with hairy prints.