This MUA Used A Tomato To Apply Her Foundation

We've tried applying makeup with our fingers, brushes, beautyblenders, Sillisponges, bra inserts, and, most recently, condom-covered pieces of foam. Now one woman has single-handedly taken it to the next level. This Instagram MUA used a tomato to apply her foundation, but it wasn't just a gimmick — her accompanying message is surprising and worth a read.

Self-described "makeup rebel,” Atreona Willis, known as @curvy_cartel on Instagram, successfully applied and blended her NARS foundation and concealer with a tomato, and her followers loved it. But it's not the actual use of the tomato that's groundbreaking that had people talking — it's the caption underneath her video.

Willis writes that as she scrolls though her fellow MUA's feeds, all she sees are hateful comments on their posts. Putting makeup on takes time. Editing a video takes time. Uploading it takes time. Coming up with truly original content alone is nearly impossible. When internet trolls comment disparagingly, they are attempting to negate the artist's content in one fell swoop.

In our social media-driven age where YouTube drama channels are more viewed than the YouTubers themselves, Willis is making an extremely important point. We can choose to sit behind our glowing screens and tear down all the art we don't agree with, or we can simply choose to... move on. Don't watch it, don't support it, don't give it a like or a comment.

Simply put, art is subjective and it certainly doesn't hurt anyone. If someone wants to apply their foundation with a fruit, there's bound to be at least one person out there who'll be entertained and have their spirits lifted by the simple act of watching the video. Should everyone have to apply their makeup with a tomato? Certainly not. But should we have the freedom to do so if we choose? Hell yes!