How To Use Taco Bell's New Insta Filter To See Which Menu Item You Are

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The start of 2020 brought forth many things, and the latest Instagram Effects have to be pretty high up on the list. From filters that let you see which Disney character you are to others that predict your soulmate's astrology sign, the social media platform is swarming with fun new possibilities. And now, Taco Bell lovers everywhere can take the effects to the next level — Instagram's new Taco Bell filter will decide which menu item matches you the best once and for all.

In an emailed statement on Monday, Taco Bell Social & Digital Strategy Lead Erika Prime said that Instagram effects are essentially the 2020 versions of online personality quizzes. And because Taco Bell believes that their menu consists of something for everyone, the company decided to put its own personal spin on Instagram effects. Taco Bell's "Which Item" filter will let users know if they're a Mexican Pizza, Quesarito, Crunchwrap Supreme, Cinnamon Twists, Chalupa Supreme, Cheesy Gordita Crunch, Chicken Quesadilla, or Doritos Locos Tacos. But here's the catch: you only get shown a picture of the food item (it shows up above your head). So only true Taco Bell fans will immediately know which menu item they are just from the pictures.

Courtesy of Taco Bell

If you want to get the Taco Bell filter and try it out for yourself, it's not too hard to find it. If you see someone you follow using the filter, you can grab it the way you would any of the other Instagram filter — by clicking on the filter's title, "Which Item?" and choosing to save the filter or try it.

If no one on your Instagram feed has tried out the Taco Bell filter yet, you can simply grab it from the company's official Instagram account and be the trendsetter for your group of followers. You just have to go to @tacobell on the mobile app (it doesn't work on a desktop) and click on the third icon (underneath the account's highlights) that is represented with a smiley face. This is where you can find an account's personally-created filters. Here you'll find the "Which Item?" filter (it's the only one Taco Bell has), and you just have to click it and voila! Let the food fun begin. And because you're definitely going to want to make all of your friends try it, you should know it's totally easy to save the filter for later. You just have to tap on the checkmark on the bottom of the screen and it'll be saved to the row of filters on your screen whenever you go to take a selfie on your Story.

Whether you think you relate to the Chicken Quesadilla or are more on the Chalupa Supreme side, the new Instagram Taco Bell filter can help you make your next Story way more fun (and super delicious).