This 'AHS' Teaser Will Remind You Why You Hate Clowns


It's coming, so you better get ready. After days of teasing fans, Ryan Murphy swears the official title of American Horror Story Season 7 will be revealed on Thursday. But while you wait, perhaps you'll want to check out the international AHS Season 7 promo that will remind you why you hate clowns. Seriously, don't watch this one alone.

According to Hello Giggles, this AHS teaser surfaced on the official FX Latin America Twitter account. (A rep for FX told Bustle, "This teaser was created by the international broadcaster, specifically for their local promotion. It is not representative of the FX US campaign.”) Now, fans are left scratching their heads, wondering if this balloon-filled clown nightmare could connect with other Season 7 clues and theories. Whether this particular clown finds its way into the actual show remains unknown, but Murphy already teased Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freak Show's return, so prepare for at least one terrifying clown.

Back in February, Murphy confirmed that Season 7 would be based on the 2016 election. Of course, no one believed it would be a literal interpretation of the election, but Murphy's American flag hints about the title definitely left fans wondering. It also doesn't hurt that he said earlier this year that President Trump would "maybe" be a character on the show, causing people to believe Twisty might be some twisted metaphor for the POTUS.

Since FX is saying this teaser isn't part of the U.S. campaign, fans are left pondering how flags, clowns, and all those bees — another hint — go together. Before this clip leaked, AHS diehards were already going all in to figure out what Season 7 will really be about. One fan on Instagram guessed that the 2016 election hint was less about the actual event, but how it made us feel, writing that AHS 7's real theme is "the worst of 2016."

The comment reads: "2016 election, various bee-related deaths reported in 2016 ... clown sightings were also a thing in 2016." People even joked when clowns started popping up uninvited across the country (starting in North Carolina before spreading to at least 20 other states) that it was actually related to the filming of AHS. Knowing Murphy's dark sense of humor, is it possible he's tying that horrifying real-life event into the show?

Fans who are afraid of clowns may be inclined to say Murphy's gone too far, but no one will know exactly how far he's willing to go until the show returns this fall.