This Two-In-One iPhone & AirPod Charger Is About To Change Your Life


Lazy, messy, and disorganized people of the world — I've got your back. If your life is as hectic and unplanned as mine is, then I understand your woes, your daily mishaps, your needs. Luckily, so does the little live-saving beauty. For those of us who find that our phones are constantly on low battery, that our headphones are always lost, and that life is a little overwhelming, the new Power1 charging case lets you power your iPhone and AirPods at the same time. Right now, this gadget is funding on Kickstarter and it promises to be a total game-changer for iPhone users — especially those with AirPods.

Power1 is an accessory that works as a phone case, a phone charger, an AirPod case, and an AirPod charger, all in one. That's right — so you not only have the standard phone case/charger hybrid, but it also has a special spot designed just for your AirPods and it can charge them up, as well. It actually has two different charging modes — so you can let the case know if you just want to juice up your phone or your pods as well. It's a slightly clunky design — because of the AirPods holder — and it's only available in black and white. But if you want function over form, this case might be the one.

You charge up the case through a micro USB charging port and it should have enough juice to give you 34 hours of talk time plus up to 30 charges on your AirPods, according to their Kickstarter. Plus, it's compatible with iPhone X, XR, XS and XS Max, and AirPods versions 1 and 2 — so basically, if you have one of the super fancy phones and expensive AirPods, you can probably use it. I, on my iPhone 5s and tangled headphone I got in my stocking two years ago, will not be able to use it.

If you want to get your hands on this little piece of tech, you can help them reach their fundraising goal. While the Early Bird special has sold out, you can get a Power1 with a pledge of $119 — and if they reach their funding goals, they're aiming to ship as early as October 2019.

There are definitely a lot of ways your iPhone experience seems to be changing. AirPods Audio Sharing in iOS 13 looks poised to totally change the game, allowing you to share music with a friend whenever your phones are close enough together. The same update will allow you to use a green screen in iMovie and edit movies on your phone, which is ridiculously futuristic and cool. You'll even be able to use Dark Mode on your iPhone, in case you want to feel like a Pixar villain every time you send a text or email. It's an exciting, if overwhelming, time for tech.

But can of these amazing technological feats and updates come anywhere close to the joy of not losing your darn headphones? I think not. That is truly the greatest joy of all. And even as someone with neither the money nor the inclinations to ever, ever buy AirPods, I can appreciate what Power1 is trying to do — save us from our disorganized, trash-bags selves.