Reddit Determined The Best Liquid Liner For Oily Lids

Online forums are a beautiful place. When users aren't teaching makeup tricks or discussing the latest launch, they're pointing out some tried and true beauty products. This time it's the latter, and it's a major makeup discovery. Reddit found the best liquid liners for oily lids at two different price points, so you can stop your searching.

After trying three different liners that didn't hold up, Reddit user Jaall posted a question asking about the best eyeliners out there for oily lids. People instantly weighed in on the matter, and, in just three days, the forum has almost unanimously decided on both the best drugstore and high end liquid liners. As a sufferer of oily lid syndrome myself, this online makeup thread is the holy grail.

According to the post, Jaall was on the hunt for an affordable product, but the forum had some recommendations that went above and beyond the call. Overall, people said that the easiest way to get liner to stick to oily lids was to prime your eyes and then opt for a great, budge-free formula. While almost everyone had a different preference on primers, there was one overall winning liner recommendation — Kat Von D Beauty's Tattoo Liner.

"My eyelids are SO OILY, but Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner has been a godsend. I also have to use a primer first, but i just use ELF for that," Reddit user bonghits5jesus said in the thread.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, $20, Sephora

Reddit user Jaall decided to opt for this one, but it didn't stop people from weighing in on their own favorites. A lot of people agreed with the Kat Von D Beauty option, especially since it comes in both brown and black.

Reddit also has an almost unanimous answer about the best drugstore liquid liner as well. According to the thread, NYX Cosmetics' In The Noir Collection is just as good as Kat Von D Beauty's. The product is available at Ulta for $5.99, while the higher end option is $20.

"I definitely second NYX! I have super oily lids and I find the NYX in the noir collection the best drugstore liquid I've used," Reddit user thelasttimelady said in the thread.

Collection Noir Liquid Black Liner, $6, Ulta

There you have it! Whether you're looking to go high end or stick to affordable finds, here are the best of the best, according to Reddit. Like they said in the thread, you should also snag yourself a primer to get the best oily lid application. Thank goodness for online forums!