These Clown-Only Screenings Of 'It: Chapter 2' Sound Like Major Nightmare Fuel

Coulrophobes, turn away now, because Alamo Drafthouse has announced special clown-only screenings of It: Chapter 2 just in time for the movie's premiere. Per Collider, the special screenings will be held at 17 locations in 11 cities. The movie theater chain previously held clown-only screenings for the first chapter of the horror film when it was released in 2017, but those were exclusive to Austin, Texas. The clowns are going nationwide this year, so you can plan which screenings to avoid accordingly.

It: Chapter 2 is set 27 years after the Losers' Club — Bill, Beverly, Ben, Richie, Mike, Eddie, and Stan — defeated the evil Pennywise. Now they're all grown up and heading back to Derry, Maine to take on Pennywise once again. The stakes are higher than ever, and in a February interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jessica Chastain told Fallon that the movie will include a scene with "the most blood that's ever been in a horror film" — so it's bloodier too. Given that the movie itself is upping the fear factor to go along with its adult cast (including Chastain, James MacAvoy, and Bill Hader), watching the movie surrounded by clowns seems fitting for fans looking to achieve the ultimate level of scares.

Alternatively, it could be a good time. You don't have to be a professional clown to go to the screenings, but per Collider, Alamo Drafthouse is encouraging It fans to channel their inner clown and come dressed in their best giant shoes and red noses. On the theater chain's official website the invite reads, "Please come dressed as a clown — the wig, the makeup, the oversized pants and suspenders, the blood-curdling makeup — and sit through this coulrophobia-inducing fright fest with a theater full of fellow... clowns. Good luck. [Insert maniacal clown laugh here.] You’re gonna need it, floaters."

It: Chapter 2's release date is Sept. 5, which is also the day that the clown-only screenings will kick off. If you live in Texas, Virginia, California, Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Missouri, or Minnesota, here's when you can strap on your clown shoes and head to the theater to see Pennywise in style:

Austin, TX

Village | Saturday, 9/7/2019

Slaughter Lane | Saturday, 9/7/2019

Lakeline | Saturday, 9/7/2019

Mueller | Saturday, 9/7/2019

San Antonio, TX

Park North | Thursday, 9/5/2019

Westlakes | Thursday, 9/5/2019

Los Angeles, CA

DTLA | Sunday, 9/8/2019

Dallas/Fort Worth

Richardson | Friday, 9/6/2019

Denver, CO

Westminster | Saturday, 9/7/2019

Phoenix, AZ

Chandler | Friday, 9/6/2019

Tempe | Friday, 9/6/2019

Northern Virginia

Ashburn | Thursday, 9/5/2019

Woodbridge | Thursday, 9/5/2019

Charlottesville, VA

Charlottesville | Saturday, 9/7/2019

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh | Friday, 9/6/2019

Springfield, MO

Springfield | Thursday, 9/5/2019

Twin Cities, MN

Woodbury | Friday, 9/6/2019

Mark your calendars now, because you know the other clowns are going to bring their A-game. There's no time like the present to start shopping for your very own comical wig to impress your fellow It enthusiasts with.

And if you happen to be a moviegoer who doesn't relish the idea of watching Pennywise terrorize Derry while you're being surrounded by dozens of clowns, you can go to literally any other showing. Because, come on, It is scary enough without adding more nightmare fuel to the mix.