This Is When You'll Finally Find Out What Happens With Pennywise In 'IT: Chapter 2'

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The very mention of the original miniseries strikes fear in the hearts of anyone who watched it in their childhood. But honestly, if you watch it again it certainly is on the creepy side of things but not like completely terrifying. However y'all, the latest IT film was just about as terrifying as any horror film you have ever seen and took it to the max. Yet, you know you still want more. Luckily another taste of terror is coming soon but when will IT: Chapter 2 be out in the UK?

The film is set to be released in the UK on Sept. 6, 2019. So just in time for a particularly terrifying Halloween cinema experience am I right? Or if you're me, a waste of a cinema ticket because you spend the whole time with your eyes covered, screaming like a child.

Stephen King's story of a creepy AF killer clown called Pennywise is the stuff of nightmares, and like I said the OG miniseries was creepy AF but guys the new one is even creepier. Real talk. I mean, a killer clown which has the ability to transform itself into its prey's worst fears, allowing it to exploit every damn one of the phobias of its victims? Nah I'm not scared at all. OK kidding actual shivers.

So the first of the two IT movies is set in 1989, and focuses on a group of kids who call themselves The Losers Club. After one of their brothers go missing, they uncover a strange phenomenon that has been happening throughout the history of their town. Exactly every 27 years, children go missing. Anyhow, through various sightings and experiences they realise that it is a flipping psycho entity that is in the form of a clown. Great, time to move towns. That's what a normal person would do but oh no, they have to go after the damn clown. OK in fairness one of their brothers has most definitely been taken by the clown so they have their reasons. A lot of terror, fear, and fighting later and (if you haven't already passed out in fear) you get to the nice happy ending. Or is it a happy ending? No of course flipping not. You're left with a cliff hanger.

So these silly children, oops I mean heroes, decide they will reunite in 27 years to fight that mean old clown Pennywise again. I know, so silly, but hey it's a sequel. And like, what else would you expect from the most successful horror film of all time.

And guys, you will not believe who plays the dreadful Pennywise. Y'all it's Bill Skarsgård. Arguably the more dishy and edgy of the handsome Swedish clan, Skarsgård is still totally cute as a clown. Well, maybe not but you can't deny he is dishy in real life. If he isn't enough to get excited about, the cast for the second instalment is looking like it's about to be lit.

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Jessica Chastain will be playing a grown up Beverly, and James McEvoy will be grown up Bill. Oh did they grow up and fall in love forever and ever? Did they?!

Guess you will just have to wait to find out.