Kitten Fur Purr-Fume Actually Exists

You don't need to be a self-professed "crazy cat person" to like the smell of a furry, cute, and cuddly kitten. Demeter Fragrance Library's Kitten Fur scent purports to have effectively captured... Eau de Kitten fur.

According to an Instagram caption from the DemeterCEO account, the fragrance took 15 years to create. It's purr-fect and it's purr-fume. Sorry, I had to!

Demeter's Kitten Fur scent comes in all sorts of iterations, from cologne to purse spray to body oil to shower gel. So if you love that warm and fuzzy scent that lives just behind a kitten's neck —that's Demeter's description— then you can layer the fragrance and fully get your kitten on!

I realize that the idea of animal fur fragrance might be eyebrow-raising to some, especially those with allergies. But if you love critters of all sizes, shapes, and species, there is nothing better. Think of how soft a kitten's fur is and how innocent they are! That is what Demeter has aimed to replicate in scent form.

I know there are lots of places one's mind can go when processing the idea of a Kitten Fur fragrance. But let's just accept it for what it is — adorbs AF, just like a baby cat.

You don't need to be all about cats to appreciate this scent, either. Perhaps you had a cat while growing up. Maybe your BFF from grade school loved cats. This is the type of fragrance that can transport you to a simpler time.

Are you read to spritz this on all of your pulse points or spray the air and then walk into the cloud so that the fragrance lands on your hair and clothes?

Want to go all out? Then you need to check out this lip gloss, which feels like kissing a feline's wet nose!

With both elements, you can become a Catwoman of a unique sort. Meow.

Demeter specializes in unconventional scents that are tied to memory and its library includes Popcorn, Vanilla Cake Batter, Clean Skin, and more. Mmmm!

Images: Demeter CEO/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Demeter Fragrance Library (1)