A 'Lilo & Stitch' Eyeshadow Palette Exists & It's Actually Too Much To Handle

No matter how old you are, seeing your favorite Disney movies reinvented into adult-appropriate swag is always exciting. From princess dresses being translated into evening gowns that look more classy than costume-y, to designer brands like Coach creating Disney-specific bag lines, the wonder and magic of your childhood has found ways to spill over into adulthood. And this newest Hot Topic Lilo & Stitch eyeshadow palette is further proof of that.

Taking your favorite dysfunctional besties and re-imagining them into eyeshadow shades, this palette takes the essence of the movie and translates it into dreamy, pigmented shades. "Enjoy the island life wherever you are with this eyeshadow collection inspired by the warmth and joy of Hawaii and Disney's Lilo & Stitch," the product description writes. Named the "Ohana" palette, the cover of the case is a light blue background with flower and palm shapes scattered across, showing Kauaʻi in the background. Lilo and Stitch walk hand in hand down the beach, towards the water and sunset. The inside of the palette has a dark and light blue floral motif, with the mirror being the shape of Stitch's head.

Lilo & Stitch "Ohana" Palette, $13, Hot Topic

As for the actual color selections, there are plenty of bright and cheerful hues to choose from. The top features neutral colors, offering three different shades: "White Sand" is an eggshell hue, "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" is a sparkly bronzer, and "Ohana" can be used as either a dark brown eyeshadow or brown eyebrow powder.

In addition to those three shades, there are nine eyeshadow hues, and they range from the citrus to the electric. There's nothing neutral about this shade range. "Nani" is a dark purple hue, and it refers to Lilo's big sister. "Kauaʻi" is a sparkly light green hue, and it represents the island, while "Bungalow" is a smoky brown color and makes you think of their house. "Aloha" is a navy blue, "Blue Hawaii" is a shade lighter than "Aloha," and "Experiment 626" is the exact bright blue color of Stitch. "Blue Hawaii" is also a movie that Elvis Presley starred in, and his songs are all throughout the movie, so this is a very meta hue. "Hula" is a shimmery pink and refers to Lilo's hula lessons, "Paradise" is a glittery gold that looks like island sand, and "Surf's Up!" is a pastel blue shade packed with silver glitter.

Lilo & Stitch "Ohana" Palette, $13, Hot Topic

The colors are dreamy but is it a good palette to introduce to your makeup drawer, or is it just a novelty buy? The palette costs $17 but is now on sale for $13, so it's on the pricier end when you compare it to drugstore palettes. Thankfully we have YouTubers that buy these products and test drive them for us, letting us know what the tea is.

Vlogger Sarah Supen of @crueltyfreebyme has nothing but excitement for this palette, promising that the color payoff and color selection is well worth the money.

The colors are intensely pigmented, where just one swipe gives you a true and saturated color swatch. In the past, some of Hot Topic's palettes had very sheer, patchy formulas (like the Nightmare Before Christmas palette,) so that was a worry when purchasing this version. But luckily, each hue was packed with pigment and looked electric on the eye.

Vlogger Kiana Lyz Rivera from Kindly Kiana feels the same way, loving that the palette has five shimmers and four mattes. She used the fun colors to create a playful, glitter-packed look.

Her followers in the comment section felt similarly, where some said they already owned the palette and loved how versatile it was. "I have this palette & I love it because I can wear a neutral look for work or school. However, I can wear this for a night out or party. I think this look is adorable! Next time I go to Hawaii, I'm so bringing this palette with me & wear this to Luau and night out on the town," one viewer wrote.

If you love Lilo & Stitch and are craving more vibrant, tropical shades in your makeup drawer, this could be the palette for you!