This Long-Distance Friendship Lamp Lights Up For Your BFF When You Touch It

Uncommon Goods

If you're someone who has friends who live far away, you know how hard long-distance can be when all you want to do is hang out, watch movies, or just talk to your pal in person can be. Whether you moved away, they got a new job across the country, or you go to separate colleges, long-distance friendships make for a lot of time missing someone who you used to see all the time. Luckily, there's a sweet product that can let your faraway friends know that you're thinking of them — and it's also super cool looking. Without further ado, meet the Long-Distance Friendship Lamp that lights up for the person on the other side whenever you touch it.

Uncommon Goods' Long-Distance Friendship Lamp makes use of technology to produce its interesting function. Each lamp is synced up to its partner lamp through Wi-Fi, and can react to a single touch — this means that both your lamp and your friend's will light up at the same time when tapped. I can't think of a quicker (or more ambient) way to let someone know that they're on your mind. The mid-century style lamps come in a variety of colors, and features a pretty, wood-like exterior design. Have a few mutual friends that are all spread out in different parts of the world? The Long Distance Friendship Lamp can also accommodate groups: you can assign each person a color, so that everyone gets their own special shade.

If you have a long-distance friend's birthday coming up, I think you've discovered the perfect product to grace upon them for their day of celebration. Each of the lamps retails for $85 on Uncommon Goods, and a set of two goes for $170.

The lamp set up is super simple. Uncommon Goods explains it all in a 40 second YouTube video. All you have to do is connect the product's Filimin Bridge to your home router as well as to an outlet, plug in your Friendship Lamp, and boom — you're connected, and can tap it to light up for your friend all you want (might want to make sure they're not sleeping first, though).

The Long-Distance Friendship Lamp was created by John Harrison and Vanessa Whalen, and the story is simply adorable. When the two first met, Harrison was Associate Professor of Violin at Wichita State University, and Whalen was a pianist at the university. They eventually began dating, and at that time Harrison had developed a second career as an electrical and computer engineer and Whalen was a psychotherapist in private practice. According to the product page on Uncommon Goods, John proposed to Vanessa on Christmas morning 2014 — and their first touch lamps were also gifted that year. The couple actually built the first lamps in their basement to connect John's family members spread out across North America.

Love is real, people. Now you can let your long-distance BFF know you're thinking about them with this unique, Instagram-worthy gift.